Honey you are a rock
Upon which I stand
And I come here to talk
I hope you understand

That green eyes
Yeah the spotlight shines upon you
And how could anybody deny you
I came here with a load
And it feels so much lighter
Now I met you
And honey you should know
That I could never go on without you
Green eyes

this post is dedicated to the girl who attracted my attention minus the attempt upon riding a public vehicle. coincidentally, a series of related topics arose when reading blogs and a national newspaper along the day ( i.e. big bro and ravissant on their entries, and an article on the wednesday 2bu edition of the philippine daily inquirer).


rode a jeep to school and had a hard time finding a place to sit since they only had one or two seats vacant; and that’s if you really squeeze your butt to insertion. so you can imagine my eyeballs circling to find that spot to jam in. and with that action, a girl wearing a red spaghetti-strapped top (is that what it’s called?) that fitted her bust to perfection caught my eyes. it left me stunned to watch those glands, that also complimented her beauty, gasping for air. i sat opposite her. the jeep was following its route when i kept on glancing sideways not looking a bit conscious if those were really hers. i got intrigued because of how she looked and the way she talked, evidently a minor, around 1st or 2nd year in highschool. what hinted me also were the words that came out of her mouth that sounded that she wasn’t properly raised and didn’t leave a tint of pagkamahinhin in her. i wasn’t being too obvious with my new fascination. it also helped that she was busy blabbering to her seatmates (her lola and a friend; in decent attires).

while avoiding myself not to stare at those curvy vuluptuous (haha, thanks for the thesaurus mrs. jones-law!) mamillas again, i wondered if i was in a hidden-camera show or not. maybe they tried to do a local version of a segment in a foreign program (forgot what it was) that displayed a woman wearing the same top but with a tiny cam inserted on her cleavage. her mission was to talk to different men and capture how many times they’d take a glimpse at her front while not looking too obvious. and yes, it did make me laugh on how the male specie would pretend to ‘not look’ or look but in discretion; not knowing that it could also happen to me. but that was a long time ago. and i was still young.

it made me think that it also implies to women as well. women (in my opinion) also look at each other’s bosoms as much (or even more) as we do. whatever reason they may have, curiosity or envy. and with my case, why wouldn’t you? or in a much better logic, how couldn’t you? i didn’t take advantage of the situation, but what if the same occurence is being presented to you? what would you do? look away? yeah right. i already did that, but the force was just to strong to resist to investigate. she was really young and you don’t get to see tisays in straps inside jeeps everyday.

i’m not a pervert, fyi. but it just clearly manifests how liberated people can be. how time has changed the perception of our ladies and their costumes. and there’re some cases wherein these women would complain about the lustful eyes of their opposite sex especially the ones in clubs and bars. it makes me sick. women shouldn’t wear outfits like those and expect that they get treated more or less the same respect as that of a nun. i mean, they’re asking to be laid right?

okay so i may be wrong, that it’s just how she dresses and what care do i give that she wanted to express herself with an ensemble which had cups beckoning for some drastic attention. and that women nowadays are prone to expressing their sexuality. dominatrix? freedom of expression? oh, sure. don’t just blame it all on us in the near end. come to think of it, the issue isn’t about dominance or sadomasochism, it’s about appropriateness and monstrosity of equipments. how could a girl so young have those big? from birth defect? too much exercise? pinaglihi ba sa pakwan? whichever reason, maybe that’s why the term ‘gifted’ was coined. guess it’ll remain a mystery. just that it was on broad daylight, inside a puv. not a regular occurence especially to a conservative country like ours. but it’s not that i didn’t like what i saw either.

man is a sexual being as what philo 25 stated. some may be too physical in expressing it to the public. it’s just a matter of educating people in maintaining a respect towards modern day maria claras who deserve it; which in my opinion, everyone. but still, don’t blame me for having an inquisitive mind. and lastly, to clear things up, i’m not complaining.


major credit goes to thesaurus for providing me a handful of synonyms to lessen the anomaly when referring to the female organ. instead of typing breast, udder sounds more innocent.

posted Monday, 27 June 2005

Paul made this comment,
that’s not perversion. that’s growing up. more to come bro, more to come. šŸ˜€
comment added :: 27th June 2005, 21:38 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
hmmm..this entry rendered me speechless lol all i can say is thank god for a good bra, that’s all i can say hahahaha
take care nicole

comment added :: 28th June 2005, 02:40 GMT+08
nina made this comment,
hahahaha nalingaw ko sa imong entry.. =) i have never encountered such an honest opinion from a guy with regard to breasts.. except from my boyfriend anyway.. which of course is delimited to the reasons why i cannot wear spaghetti straps myself .. hahahha now i understand eric even more.. šŸ˜‰ mao diay.. sus mga laki gyud… =p
comment added :: 28th June 2005, 11:35 GMT+08
nix made this comment,
hmmmmm… errrrr…
this is a a major diversion from the usual entries you have.

errrr… i’m kinda speechless.

errr… hmmmmm.

comment added :: 28th June 2005, 12:27 GMT+08
amia made this comment,
hahahaha. u already know my sentiments regarding this. looks like you’re growin up bro.
it’s ok to look, i guess. as long as d ka nakakabastos pa. a woman should be respected regardless of what she’s wearing. some women wear certain types of clothing for the simple reason that they’re comfortable in it. like for example, mainit diba.

comment added :: 30th June 2005, 03:24 GMT+08
ed made this comment,
paul: only one way to find out, live life. šŸ™‚
nicole: hehe. same with the briefs! lol

nina: mga bayi dyud! hehe.

nix: once in a blue moon ra bitaw. ;p

amia: haha, uu ate. lol.

comment added :: 4th July 2005, 20:01 GMT+08
ravissant made this comment,
wow, special mention pala ako dito. haha! dammit to hell! here goes my $45+ again, I need a pair of those damn things aside from what I got! f*#k!
comment added :: 6th July 2005, 11:42 GMT+08

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