boom bug

Been exhausted lately, and sleepy most of the time. Never thought that living in a different time zone would make a drastic change (really drastic) in my schedule; particularly my health. But I thought wrong. Here I was trying to waste my youth on something I could never comprehend having been able to make do with. But it’s actually better than just bumming around (sheesh, how many times must have I typed this line over and over again?).

Bowel issues and sleep deprivation–>some of the things I really have to get the hang with. Yes, I succumbed to the boom bug. Hey, it’s better this than use my time and the knowledge to going back to fast food chains again. Not that my previous jobs were anything degrading, but it’s what’s everybody’s (or mostly) reason as well why I applied in one. And now I’m part of a crew of cold-blooded cast of hungry mongrels (dunno what term to use) grabbing for that bigger paycheck. Not that I’m all rich now, I still don’t plan to buy a phone tho I’m having second thoughts. Besides, I still have to settle my debts from the schools I’ve been to. Sure, the tasks are less tedious and mostly, the primary investment would be how you’d handle customers using the universal language. I have to get back to school; one way or another.

But right now, I’m still stagnant. And I’m pretty much thankful for getting this job. Imagine what lying can do just so you can get what you want; or proving to people what you can do. I learned this the hard way; almost struck three but not quite. And I’m finishing my fourth month already, time flies.

Tying a Tie: I finally learned how to tie a tie, after how many failed attempts. Not even the world wide web was able to help me. Windsor-knot, eat dust!

Tension: Badminton
me: —scanning some badminton rackets on display—
sales attendant: hi sir, good afternoon.
me: good afternoon

sales attendant: what about this brand A sir?sales attendant:

sales attendant: yeah, this is better because the tension is just 24. while that brand B is just 20 .
me: —a bit confused— ok can you tell me the difference then?
sales attendant:
well, tension is related to the stretching of a string, it’s string is held tighter therefore it has more tension, the

higher the tension, the lesser the force needed to hit the ball, the lesser the effort you need to smash it.
me: ok thanks —dumbfounded—

*If my physics professor could hear this conversation, he’d most probably kill me. And to think I’m supposed to know this one already. Now I’m still doubting why I took up engineering in the first place when I could not even try to apply it in some way or another.

What with all this things running in and about, I guess the best thing to do is sleep. I have no night life baby!

spoke (4)

1. nix left…Monday, 11 September 2006 1:48 pm

Where in the world are you located now?

Oh, and Happy 20th Ed.

2. ravissant left…Monday, 11 September 2006 10:42 pm

yeah, where are you at, ed? hindi ko gihapon ka balo mag tie sang tie. lintik na! 🙂

3. ed left…Sunday, 17 September 2006 1:19 am

still somewhere in the middle. am working the night shift, tho not as a gigolo or anything like that. 🙂

4. Flatline left…Sunday, 17 September 2006 6:01 pm

somebody is up all night hahahaha.. cheers to nocturnal creatures and our september days..


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