Still trying to make some sense out of time, I just turned 20; and never has pressure been so transparent. Pop married my mom when he was this age and already started a family. That’s why I’m really apprehensive with regard to relationships and the like. Cause look at us now. I’m still dazed of looking beyond with a family cause I can’t even fend for myself. I’ll grow more insecure in the future, but in the mean time, I have to take a risk. Had a conversation with a former teammate, we call her ‘mama’ cause she has a daughter:
me: Hi mama!
cherry: Wow, ed. You’re 20!
me: I know, and work doesn’t seem so exciting anymore.
cherry: Why?
me: Because it’s already obvious that in you’re 20s, you should have a job already.
cherry: Even so, and what does that make me? I’m already 27, you’re grandmother?
me: No, just that I’m also pressured.
cherry: Pressure?
me: My father got married when he was my age. And… —didn’t let me finish—
cherry: Yuck! Get away from me!

Somehow, working an 8 to 5 shift doesn’t seem so unique anymore. Despite having gotten this job barely 5 months ago, it doesn’t come up as a feat. Though I acknowledge that I couldn’t wait to get out of the “teenage” phase , it seems odd having this crisis. Probably because I was never really able to fully enjoy my post-adolescent years: drinking, partying, jamming and some more drinking. Memories I have to sacrifice because I started work early. Not that I had much of a choice anyway. Work and earn myself a living? Or die starving? A no-brainer even if you don’t ask.

Now, I can’t get away for any misgivings I will be doing. No more excuses ed. No more reasons to make a fool of yourself. Make a move.

Night shift: It’s still hard adjusting, some of my coworkers are about to resign, due to age differences and weariness; since they have already passed the minimum months for the bond to expire. Scenes are so momentary, people come & go so easily. Good thing I don’t get involved with emotions as much as I used to. Besides, no regrets.

On my end, I still don’t have any problems, yet; so long as I could just enroll this semester.

Sing, skim, soak, sand, sun & burn

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I was able to attend a team outing activity with colleagues at work. T’was my first time to sing using a videoke, those sarcastic 5-peso hoarding machines mentioning how “great’ you are as a singer so long as you could shout using your lungs. Not that I didn’t fall for its comments. hehe. Got to skim as well, first time; exhausting at first but nevertheless, contented in the end.
Two things I realized after: I forgot how I love the beach & I forgot to wear sunscreen. Really toasted myself from those rays, and didn’t even bother to wear some protection. Skin got so red, it wasn’t fun anymore. Never, never again ed.

I suddenly realized that I’ve been blogging for 3 years now. Time flies; still, nothing’s new.

spoke (6)

1. wideye left… Tuesday, 26 September 2006 11:34 am :: http://wideyeshut.livejournal.com/

asa ni dapit nga beach? shet, kalami anang lechon oi. :))

2. ravissant left…Friday, 29 September 2006 12:14 am

belated happy 20th kag happy 3rd blog-aversary! patas lang ta kay daw panit ka puti nga tao ako bala mo. i’m still peeling like hell! ikaw ba yan kumakanta? ganda ng boses mo! ;P

3. ed left…Saturday, 30 September 2006 8:11 pm

wideye: alcoy, not too wide, pero ok na kasi kami lang ang nasa beach. 🙂

rav: ha, no it’s not me singing! hehe.. it’s a band called ‘the ambassadors’ here. i’m getting addicted to bisrock music. hehe. thanks. ;p

4. nix left…Tuesday, 24 October 2006 5:09 pm

Oist. Tempus fugit. But anyway, we’re missing you here. Founders day na and people are coming home. Wish we could see you…

5. ed left…Tuesday, 24 October 2006 8:11 pm

nuke, was planning to visit there today, i even had a scheduled VL, but i have to enrol this sem. 🙂

6. nicole left…Sunday, 29 October 2006 1:59 am

wow happy birthday ed! 20 ka na 😀 good luck with everything!!


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