Cebu Osmeña Peak: Stopover at Boljoon

Friday night, I was going over my duties in the office when I received a message from one of my travel buddies about going to Osmeña Peak the morning after. Prior to the climb, we were to drop by the municipality of Boljoon in South Cebu.

Cebu Osmeña Peak: Stopover at Boljoon
November 11, 2011

boljoon landmark
If you see this view when you travel South of Cebu, you know you’re in Boljoon.

Doi called me up that night saying that Dong Ho was in town and that he wanted to climb the highest peak of Cebu. She also contacted Edwin for his confirmation.

With no planned travels over the weekend, I immediately agreed to join their trip. I worked in the night shift and meeting time was 6am the next day. I’m glad that my place was only a five-minute jeepney commute from the office. So right after my shift, I quickly went home and packed my things.

inside the bus

Dong was surprised to see that I brought my tripod and I was told that he needed it. Edwin was already there, and Doi followed suit. The four of us went to the Cebu South Bus Terminal so we could start our journey. This is how we normally are when we travel in Cebu. When there are no conflicts, and when budget permits, we’d go on a trip spontaneously.

Arriving in Boljoon

3 hours after, we arrived in Boljoon. There were so many people around and we realized that there was a fiesta. Just our luck.

boljoon cebu
arrived at Boljoon church and there was a fiesta!

boljoon church cebu
inside Cebu Boljoon church

We stopped by the Boljoon church; took photos of the church and the cemetery nearby. We also explored the area. I remember back in my History 17 class in college, we had a field trip where we visited the towns in the South of Cebu. Boljoon was our last stop.

cebu boljoon
Not sure what the carving figure represents, probably because of the cemetery

church boljoon
cemetery beside Boljoon church

We had lunch in a nearby eatery selling roasted chicken. I’m not sure if we were so hungry, but the chicken tasted so good. The following month, we visited the same eatery with another batch of travel bloggers. The lady staff recognized us and I didn’t shy away from asking for a discount. hehe

lunch time!

Everyone was in a festive mood and different merchandise was displayed at cheap prices. Not sure about the quality but it was good enough to make the area alive and full of people. This is a celebration after all.

I wanted to check which of our officemates were from Boljoon so we could gatecrash their house and eat (lol), but I realized that it would consume more time. We had to move on with our trip to Cebu’s Osmena Peak.

fiesta boljoon
Boljoon is 3 hours away from Cebu City

It’s really nice to see the beautiful sea after going out of the church. It’s very calming and it makes me want to have a house by the beach someday.

poblacion boljoon
church by the beach

boljoon sea

We rode a jeepney going to the junction in Dalaguete. This was where we would hail motorcycles (habal-habal) that can be hired to take us the town of Mantalongon. Prior to that, we bought bread from a bakeshop and also had ice cream to counter the hot day. Mantalongon, according to a signage, is the summer capital of Cebu. This is the drop off point where we were to start our trek to the Osmena Peak.

To be continued…


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  1. i miss eating in a carinderia! but when i read you ate roasted chicken, i think i’ll pass. we have been having too much ayam here. alam mo iyan, edcel! 🙂

    timing bisita nyo sa lugar at fiesta! 🙂


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