Dreaming about Santorini, Greece

One of the destinations in Europe that I am hoping to visit the soonest would be Santorini in Greece. Knowing that I’m now based in the Middle East, more options have come up for me to visit nearer places.

A friend also mentioned that it’s easier to apply for tourist visas. Back in my home country, there are a lot of documents needed at the embassy to travel to these locations. The visa approval rate is also not that high especially when you’re not connected to a company.

santorini houses
Santorini, Greece
photo source: pedrosz

In my case, I will only need to file for vacation leave from work in order to travel. That’s why careful planning is needed to ensure a safe and sound vacation. So which places in Europe tickle my fancy? Santorini in Greece comes at the top of my mind. Why do I want to visit the island? Gere are a few main reasons:

Swimming in Aqua Blue Waters

Seeing the beautiful aqua blue waters makes me want to jump in and swim! Coming from Southeast Asia, I want to try dipping in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. I might jump from a cliff or just stay still under the heat of the sun. If somebody has a yacht, it would be an even better experience to explore the island on a boat. It’ s as if I’m on an Ionian Island Holidays package.

greece santorini
Greece waters
photo source: blueyeda73

Eating Greek Food

I’m sure that Greek cuisine is another adventure itself. Most of the food are prepared in olive oil. I’d like to get my servings of fresh seafood and meat downed with a glass of wine, every time.

Walking in the Alleys

Perched on cliffs of a volcanic crater, the view of white-washed houses and blue domes is simply stunning. Walking in the alleys of these beautiful structures would be something I’m looking forward to doing. I don’t mind getting lost knowing that I’m in such a beautiful place.

santorini greece
photo source: tomsaint

Learning About History

Greece is very rich in history wherein places are overrun by empires and legends and mythologies are more than a handful. I’m not a very big fan of history, but I know that understanding about the history and culture of Greece is something I can appreciate.

Forgetting Time

Time just stops here and I want to utilize the days by just lounging around without thinking too much about anything. Spending a Greek holiday in Satorini would be a perfect way to get lost in a different setting. Besides, the last time to do on a picturesque escape would be to look at the watch.

Watching the Sunset Anywhere

I’ve learned that a lot of people go here for the sunset as it’s just amazing wherever you are in the island. I won’t mind heading to the most famous spot together with other tourists to experience how it is like. But most likely I’d be downing a glass of wine and eating sumptuous food in a quaint outdoor café to witness the day turn into night.

sunset santorini

Santorini Sunset
photo source: rotron

For now, I can only plan about these until I can score flights to Greece and head straight to Santorini. Just thinking about it makes me want to double my efforts while I’m in my current location to save money so I can enjoy my 30-day leave after a year of working. One more thing, I’ve heard that this island is a perfect honeymoon getaway. Judging by the photos online, I would have to agree.

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8 thoughts on “Dreaming about Santorini, Greece”

  1. Congratulations! I hope working in ME will open new doors for you. I am thrilled that more and more Filipinos are traveling outside our country, esp. to Europe. More travels to you Ed!

  2. You are only a few hours by plane now!
    The island is very picturesque – I enjoyed hiking the caldera rim from Fira to Oia. As a solo traveler though, I felt awkward seeing all those honeymooners as it seem to be a favorite destination for newly weds!

  3. If il be having my honeymoon, il definitely choose going to Greece! haha Very nice view especially at sunset. I just hope you could send me information coming from philippines to greece how much money would i bring if il be staying there for 3 nights. Nice pictures. And thank you for the information!


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