Cebu Trip: Reaching Osmeña Peak

A few more steps and I was already at the Osmeña Peak in Cebu. Actually, it was a few hundred more but it didn’t seem much as I was in a hurry to get to the top. I left my friend, Doi who was resting her swollen leg down below. I would’ve stayed with her but she advised me to catch up with our other companions before it turned dark.

I needed to deliver the tripod plate that was attached to the base of my camera. The tripod body was already with Dom but it was useless without the integral part of the device that was with me.

Osmeña Peak,
Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu
November 12, 2011

osmena peak climb
Edwin already at the top

peak osmena

We’ve been trekking for over two hours and although we paused at times, I felt my legs weakening at every step. I wondered why my strength was failing on me. I realized I haven’t been doing my rounds of exercise at home so my body was caught off guard due to the sudden physical activity. However, it didn’t stop me from continuing the trek.

osmena peak photo
view from Osmena Peak

Finally reaching the top, I saw my companions smiling and enjoying the view from where they stood. I let out a big sigh as I also caught my breath and regained composure from the ascent.

I gave the base plate of the tripod to Dom who seemed surprised but thankful that I brought it there.

“Where’s Doi?”, he asked.
“Still down below.”, I pointed to a hill in response, “But I’ll get back to her.”

peak of osmena cebu
green as Luxury golf

Before going back though, I had to get a good look from where I was standing. I didn’t want to miss out on the 360-degree view while the sun was still up. I took photos in the process.

I didn’t know that such a place existed in this part of the island. This made me realize that despite how many destinations I’ve already been to in the province of Cebu, there are still more places waiting to be explored – and this Osmena Peak isn’t even an unknown spot!

trek osmenabetter than a China Golf landscape

As I was taking more shots, I heard somebody calling Doi’s name and when I looked down, I saw her being accompanied by a kid who was carrying her backpack. I was proud that she was able to pull herself together so she could also see the jagged hills while the light was still there.

osmena peak climbproud to reach the top

At around 5pm, the sun started to set and we were happy to have made it there on time. No Golf weekend breaks could compare to this assault to which we decided overnight. Dom didn’t expect us to join him on this climb but he seemed glad to meet us that early morning when we were still in the city.

It was cold since we were on the highest peak in Cebu. I saw campers going up to have their share of photos which will definitely be posted online once they get back home. They’ve already set up their tents on the designated site and I wondered how many months it had been since I went camping.

sun setting

Dom made full use of the tripod and he told me he was waiting for the the clouds to cover the sun which provided a more soothing effect as the rays shone in the background. It was calm and peaceful and the weather was perfect.

We downed the few remaining bread that was left in our bags and refreshed ourselves with water.

play of colors

It was already dark when we retraced our steps and it was going to be another challenge since we brought only a couple of flashlights. But hey, if people survived going down without any light, we could sure do so. Besides, we were assisted by local kids who joined us so they were of huge help.

Reaching Osmena Peak in Cebu was a big accomplishment on my part.

covered by clouds

I can climb mountains but I don’t consider it as a hobby. However, there’s a certain kind of high that you feel when you reach the top.

Instead of normally going to the beach where you have more activities to keep yourself busy, on top of a mountain, you simply stare at the view below. If you’re lucky, the sun will show itself. If you’re not, you still have the sky at your back. All the while, it makes you glad to have overcome a challenge. All the while, it makes you realize that in order to get something, you have to work hard for it.

osmena peak pose
Cebu’s highest point

How to Get There:

Take a bus at the South Bus Terminal travelling to Oslob or Bato. Ask to be dropped off at the Dalaguete junction (3 hours travel time). Hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) going to the wet market in Mantalongon (20 minutes). From there, you can either:

  1. Trek to from the market to the peak for about 2 plus hours, or
  2. Hire another motorcycle going to the peak for about 15-20 minutes

Registration Fee at the Peak: 20 Php

Note: There’s an option for you to traverse to Kawasan Falls but then we proceeded to heading back to the wet market in Mantalongon as our target was simply the peak. There’s always a next time. 😀

UPDATE as of 12/21/2011:

On top of headstands, here’s a video created by Doi on what else you can do when you’re at the top (and when you’re bored):

To be continued…


Check out this Cebu Osmena Peak Travel series here:

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40 thoughts on “Cebu Trip: Reaching Osmeña Peak”

  1. Yay! Congrats, Ed! Don't get me wrong but I find it surprising that you've been to a lot of places farther than home unya karon ra ka nakahigayon ug climb/trek sa Osmeña Peak. Nindot kaayo didto. When at the top, it makes you wanna sing Tikman by Eheads. I was there last September, pre-birthday climb. Haha! Nag trek mo padong Kawasan the next day? 😀

  2. @chyrel: ey chyrel! no worries. but yeah, there are still a lot of places in Cebu that I haven't visited so I'm hoping to travel more next year. 😀 very peaceful ngadto lagi! Would like to traverse to Kawasan falls next time! 😀

    @lakbay: it was also great to trek with master fung yu, lakbaydiva in the process. hehe. 😀

  3. After you pointed it out, nabo-bother na ako sa mga lagpas na text sa commenting system mo. >_<
    Anyhoo, buti naman binalikan mo si Doi! Whattafriend ha! Hahaha. Ngayon ko lang ulit naalala yung tai chi kung fu stuff ni Lakbay! Sana nagpa-turo ako sa kanya nung nasa Bantayan kami huhuhu.
    And ang weird talaga your feet is so not proportional to your leg in that last photo!

  4. I fell in love with trekking because of Dong Ho. Now I appreciate those mountain climbing gears for protection. Kala ko dati arte lang LOL 😛 Sana makarating din ako dyan sa OSmena Peak although tinuro na siya nina Edwin at Doi nung papunta kami ng PEscador ISland.
    At gusto ko rin mag-golf kahit anong klaseng golf pa yan =))

  5. mica, tara mag golf na tayo! LOL. so happy nakilala at nakasama ko rin magtravel ang The Great Dong Ho! sana more travels in the future 😀 di ko na kelangan imention kayo ni lakbay diva ed, sawa na ako sa pagmumukha nyo. hahaha. joke lang! 
    anyway, sa mga gustong malaman ano pa pwde gawin when you reach Osmena Peak, check this video out! 

    wahehehe :-p

  6. @robbie: will work on it one step at a time 😀 of course binalikan ko si doi (bwahahaha). wow,  tinignan mo talaga ng maigi rob? hahahaha. 

    @micamyx: tara mica! ansarap mag golf! lol. yep, iba ang setting dun! would love to write kaagad ang trek to osmena peak! it's another beautiful climb to the top. 

    @marx: try mo, iba ang feeling 😀

    @jerome: sayang nga yun jerome! ok lang balik ka na lang dito sa cebu! 😀

    @lawstude: haha, may mga jump shots nga kami dito, oman! pero teka, ngayon ko lang nalaman ang cartwheel ah. hehehe.

    @doi: taralets golf lets! hehe. ako rin doi, sawa na rin ako sa yo! bwahahahaha. re: video, i posted it here if you don't mind 😀

  7. I so want to go back to Cebu! I only tried Camotes Island (which is extremely lovely). Andami pang pwedeng puntahan sa Cebu, heck I hadn't even had the chance to experience the night life there. 🙁

  8. I'm glad u continued trekking despite being exhausted… hehehe!
    ahahaha… sumunod din naman pala kaagad si Doi with her alalay na bata… hehehe!
    I think this will be a start of a new hobby for you… iba talaga ang natural high pag umaakyat ng bundok… 🙂
    I wanna bring my Sosyal Klaymer friends here… the jagged hills remind me of Mt. Batulao…
    Happy Holidays Ed! 🙂

  9. @Mach: you should drop by pa! still discovering other places to explore here while I can! 😀

    @mervz: haha, kelangan kasi sayang ang pagod! hehe. I hope so. I like the feeling when you're above 😀 punta kayo dito. madaling climb lang! 

    @gaye: congrats talaga kay doi kasi namamaga na talaga yung paa nya! 😀 

  10. kailangang nanginginig nginig pa ang kamay? lol! Is it just for fun lang or talagang marunong  sya nung tai-chi chorva. Pag ako ang nag ganyan magmimistulang pandanggo sa ilaw for sure. hahaha! Ihuhulog ako ng nagtutyro. ^_^ Ang ganda ng view. worth it ang pagttiyaga. clap clap sa inyong 3!

  11. Beautifully jagged panorama! Karst landscape din ba ito tulad ng Bohol? Parang it looks like it. At talagang ipilit ang headstand, pero keri pa rin. 🙂
    Merry Christmas, soloflighter! May you have more flights to come. 

  12. @kura: haha. 4 kami kasama si dom, edwin and doi. hehe. pero oo, di ba? nginig effect talaga? parang pasmado lang. hehe. si Edwin parang nag-aral ata sya, pero halatang kahit seryoso, joke pa rin ang kalalabasan di ba? hehehe

    @AJ: yep. parang Choco hills lang! kaya mo toh AJ. mga 2 hours trek lang! 😀 or kung ayaw mo magtrek. pwedeng magmotor papuntang isang point na 30 minutes na lang ang trekking nyo. thanks and merry christmas too! 

  13. @Chris: ganda nga dito, parang avatar lang! 😀 tie up between sa HK and this one. yung HK kakatakot baka mahampas ako ng kahoy pag may guard doon sa MTR! hehe

    @byron: check out Cebu byron! daming pwedeng mapuntahan (ngayon ko lang nalaman) hehe.

  14. Kuya, malapit lng ba to sa Tan-awan? Wanted to see the whale sharks sana, I was wondering kng pwedeng isingit tong osmena peak sa sched? Thanks! 🙂

  15. wow a very breath taking view,….hope to be here soon.thanks i was inspired with all the pictures and the caption as well

  16. Regarding the itinerary, it could be better if you take a minibus from Caltex gas station near Carbon Market instead of a bus at the South Bus Terminal.  That way, one ride would take you directly to Mantalongon Public Market — no need to ride habal-habal. It could save you about P50, and even some time; it might even be more convenient.

  17. your blog is really helpful, we’re planning to go there next month. I’m so excited , I can’t wait to see the peak !

  18. Hey Ed, this is a cool post. I’ve been to Cebu for a couple of times and this is the very place that I want to visit there. This inspires me more 🙂

    Happy trails,
    Dave ^_^

  19. ganahan ko mo adto sa peak, kinsay ganahan mo kuyog? karun weekend 18 ug 19 2 days guro kai lahos na sa kawasan kung duol ra. 😀 hahah.. soloflight rani akoa.. ganahan tani ko naay ka kuyog.. :/

  20. I want to go there! Dugay naku gusto pero akong frienda mahadlok. Ok raba mag trek alone? Dli ba boring??haha! Diko taga Cebu. Salamat sa information unsaon pag abot didto!


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