Cebu: Revisiting Kawasan Falls

From the Sunday morning market in Mantalongon, Dalaguete, we were able to hire two motorbikes (habal-habal) to Kawasan Falls in Badian. It’s faster than having to ride back to the Dalaguete intersection and wait for a bus. We tried to haggle, but we still paid around 150 Php per person for the motorbike ride.

Mantalongon to Kawasan Falls
Badian, Cebu
November 13, 2011

cebu kawasan falls cebu
Kawasan Falls in Cebu

It was an off-road motor adventure and it was dangerous considering that some areas are not yet paved. But the view, I tell you, is just refreshing! Even if it drizzled for awhile, the beautiful landscape made me forget about getting wet from the rain.

mantalongon to kawasan falls

habal habal cebu
habal-habal to Kawasan Falls!

The motorbike ride took about 30 minutes and we met up with Jerome afterwards. Jerome just arrived from Manila and went straight to this side of South Cebu. After a few pleasantries, we started walking to Kawasan Falls.

Revisiting Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is a famous waterfalls in Cebu. I remember that this is one of the first few tourist spots I was able to visit when I was still new to the whole travel scene here. The water is still clear when we walked along the path.

All the while we were chatting with each other just for chat. It’s nice that we caught up with each other on what has happened since our last travels.

kawasan cebu
you can see through the water

trek to kawasan falls
heading to the falls

Kawasan is not that tall, but the beauty is with its turquoise-colored water that makes everyone want to just jump in and swim. Also, this waterfalls actually has three levels, with the top level being a difficult climb as you have to hold on to plants and trees to keep yourself from falling. I’ve never been there.

Cottages were built cater to tourists which disrupted the view of the body of water. I later found out that these were destroyed to bring back the natural beauty of the waterfalls.

kawasan falls
some of the cottages are now gone to preserve the natural beauty of Kawasan Falls

cebu kawasan falls
turquoise water

Edwin Almost Drowned

Dom and Edwin already took a dip in the water and Jerome and I were taking pictures of the waterfalls. In between checking my things and securing my camera, I saw Dom waving at me. They were in the deep and I thought they were simply inviting me to join them.

I gave an Ok signal and would just follow suit. But Dom still persisted and was motioning me for help. I realized that Edwin was actually drowning!

kawasan falls cebu
went to the rocks for safety

I immediately dove into the water and swam to help them. I pushed him further to a nearby rock so he could rest. Edwin experienced muscle strain which explains why he couldn’t stay afloat. Good that we were all safe afterwards.

The trip to Kawasan was a nice revisit for me. We finished the remaining time by chatting and enjoying the cool water. On our way back to the entrance, we had to take one group shot as a souvenir.

travel bloggers kawasan falls
our only group photo
Jerome just arrived from Manila and Dom had to leave in a couple of hours

Photo Credits: Thanks to Doi and Dom for some of the photos! 🙂

We were to proceed to Moalboal for some beach time afterwards.
To be continued…


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12 thoughts on “Cebu: Revisiting Kawasan Falls”

  1. sorry to know edwin nearly drowned dahil pinulikat.

    PhP 150/pax sa motor x 30 min? parang mahal pero sulit naman sa ganda ng falls.
    i wonder what took you to your next destination.

  2. Kawasan Falls had special to my heart. Yeah, it’s turquoise blue water is majestic and it’s mystical setting, which I can say someone or something owns the place and should not be disturb.

  3. kulet nung last pic! Ayos na ayos na adventure ah, will read about your other blog series! Thanks, I have something to read dito sa office. pantagal boredom! hehe

  4. Oh em…the trip could’ve ended in tragedy. Good thing you were there to save the Diva and the day. SoloHero! 😉 I’ve been there and yes the waters, no matter how invitingly lovely, were really treacherous. Mariah Scary sa lalim at sa current. Nice to know that some cottages have been removed. OA sa chakaness lang ang resto na yan right beside the falls. That’s why I liked Pulang Bato Falls in Negros Oriental; development is not allowed within a certain radius from the falls.

  5. Hi . just like to ask kung ganu kalayo yung oslob to this falls? may masuggest ka po ba na best way kasi plan ko sana is upon arrival in cebu mag oslob whale watching then dito sa falls then go to bantayan island. thanks sa help.


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