Cebu: Mantolongon Sunday Morning Market

Waking up in the morning at the barangay hall in Mantalongon, Cebu, we hurriedly took our turns in the bathroom to fix ourselves. Even if I was a little tired from the trek to Osmena Peak, I still had a good night’s sleep especially when I didn’t have to pay much (50 Php) for a sleeping bunk.  hehe.

Mantalongon Sunday Morning Market
Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu
November 13, 2011

cebu mantalongon
gymnasium cum market

mantalongon cebu
a short walk from the barangay hall

Aside from getting up to arrive early in Kawasan Falls, we wanted to take photos of the Sunday market that was happening in the morning.

mantalongon cebu barangay
group photo first

Breakfast Above the Wet Market

We went to the wet market and had breakfast to start the beautiful day. A serving of vegetables cost 5 Php, while a serving of meat was about 10 Php – a pleasant surprise as it was added savings on our budget!

mantalongon food
eating breakfast on top of wet market

After breakfast, we proceeded to the nearby gymnasium where a weekend market was ongoing. It was a Sunday and Sunday is usually the time for people to gather together to buy stuff for the week. We saw lots of fresh produce everywhere!

market in mantalongon cebu
fish, poultry and vegetables in barangay Mantalongon, Cebu

The last time I saw such a spectacle of vegetables were during a weekend Saturday Market in Sagada, Mountain Province.

cebu vegetables
Oh my Gulay!

Manny on TV

Inside the gymnasium, a documentary of the famous boxer, Manny Pacquiao was featured on a large projector. It was in preparation of a fight that was to happen by lunch time. It was going to be another crimeless day as the Philippines were to watch THE boxing match of that season.

manny pacquiao on tv
watching Manny

All the while, I was amazed by the large vegetables and even more by the people carrying baskets and baskets of these produce. Some baskets were even larger than the persons carrying them. How they would put it on top of a motorbike and deliver them leaves me in awe.

cebu mantalongon market
carrying loads of vegetables

mantalongon market cebu
even on a motorbike!

Children were with their parents in buying food for their meals during the next couple of days. It’s a lot cheaper to buy in bulk and stock for the week.

motorbike cebu
future racer

facebook cebu
Facebook by the minute
You drop a coin for a few minutes of internet

I bought coconut milk juice for 5 Php and had another serving as it felt very refreshing.

It was nice to see crops aplenty, and how people would go about their ways to deliver goods to the city.

escape islands photo
Also amazes me how Dong Ho could easily make strangers pose for him.

We had to depart from the “summer capital of Cebu” as we were to hire motorbikes to take us to the drop-off point for Kawasan Falls. We were to continue our journey on this great weekend adventure.

To be continued….


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10 thoughts on “Cebu: Mantolongon Sunday Morning Market”

  1. Seeing a community multi-purpose hall converted into a weekend market does make sense for everyone. Keeps buyers/sellers comfortable besides hosting basketball game, concert, graduation ceremonies or community meetings at other times. Now that’s tax money well spent!

  2. uy, kasama pala si dom! nakasama ko na rin iyan minsan sa lakaran (at kainan) sa binondo at ongpin!

    saya naman ng lakwatsa; i like going to markets too particularly when visiting a place new to me (us), there’s so much to learn about a place when we drop by any market! nandyan ang culture, people at syempre facebook per minute! hehehe!


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