Six Consecutive Trips in Six Weekends

For a month and a half, I spent my weekends out of town on different travel adventures with various people. The surprising thing was that these weren’t really planned at all.

I thought all my travels for the year were over and I was going to stay put in order to finish writing articles and other freelance tasks. I had unexpected trips but had a great time in the process.

Weekend 1: Boljoon, Osmeña Peak, Kawasan Falls, Moalboal

November 12-13, 2011

Doi, Edwin and I went with travel blogger Dong Ho to Boljoon to visit the church and climbed Osmeña Peak, which is the highest peak in Cebu. Then we met up with another travel blogger, Jerome, in Kawasan Falls in Badian and chilled at Basdaku beach in Moalboal. We slept at a barangay hall, climbed down a mountain with hardly any light, took a dip in the waterfall, relaxed at a beach and visited our friends, George & Isa, at The Outpost.

osmena peak cebu
Conquering South of Cebu

Weekend 2: Dumaguete, Siquijor

November 18-21, 2011

Headed to Siquijor with Ron & Monette, Chichi, and Doi and spent a couple of days on motorbikes while touring the island. We visited a couple of falls, jumped off a cliff, tried to swing like Tarzan (but failed), made crazy videos, and had a quick side trip to Dumaguete for food! We met up with travel bloggers, RV and Mervz, as well as chatted with a kind soul along the way.

Motorcycle diaries in Siquijor

Weekend 3: Siargao Island

November 25-28, 2011

  • Island Hopping in Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island
  • Surfing Online (lol)

I travelled solo to Siargao island to practice riding the waves in Cloud 9. However, I didn’t have enough rest the previous weeks so my body gave in – and I thought I was invincible. I was able to hop to 3 popular islands though, but I was stuck in my room the next day.

Since I like to maximize my time, I went surfing online (in Siargao!) and worked on my freelance tasks. In the end, I was able to migrate this website to a new hosting provider. I was happy to have finally done it as it saved me 5 bucks a month on hosting fees.

Soloing Siargao island

Weekend 4: Cagayan de Oro

December 03-05, 2011

I travelled solo again, but this time it was in Cagayan de Oro (CDO). I met a great bunch of people when I tried the whitewater rafting activity adventure. I also met up with fellow travel blogger Lloyd since he also dropped by CDO.

Note: It was devastating to hear the tragedy that struck this city and its nearby regions (Iligan and Bukidnon) due to Typhoon Sendong. Relief operations are still ongoing as people are still recovering from this calamity. Here’s how you can help: Iligan and Cagayan de Oro Asks for Your Help

cagayan de oro
Rafting adventure with a family

Weekend 5: Bantayan Island

December 13-14, 2011

  • Chill at Bantayan Island

Okay, so this wasn’t really a weekend as this adventure happened on a Tuesday. This was my second time in Bantayan Island and I’m happy because I finally saw the beach minus the dead seaweeds! I was there about 3 years ago and it was not the best time because of the season.

I spent time on a long stretch of fine, white sand under the scorching sun with other Pinoy Travel Bloggers (Robbie, Mica, Edwin, Drew, Brenna, Renz, Ivan, and Chin Chan). I served as a ‘kuya‘ since most of my companions were young. It hit me, I’m getting old. hehe.

9 people cramped in one room. Would’ve been better to stay in a suite in Brighton hotel
thanks to Renz for some of the photos!

Weekend 6: Oslob, Boljoon, Osmeña Peak

December 23, 2011

  • Whaleshark (Butanding) watching in Oslob
  • Boljoon Heritage Walk and Jump at the Plaza
  • Trek to Osmeña Peak (again)

One of the things I missed out this year was my trip to Legazpi so I could travel to Sorsogon and swim with the whalesharks or butandings in Donsol. I got a little upset because that plane ride was postponed due to conflict of schedules. So when I heard about these whaleshark sightings in Cebu, I had to see it for myself.

We travelled to Oslob with another set of travel bloggers (Edgar, Christine, Edcel &Sheena, Doi and Drew) and had close encounters with these gentle creatures!

We also went for a heritage walk and jumped into the waters at the plaza in Boljoon. To cap it off, we hiked back to Osmeña peak in Dalaguete and trekked down on a foggy trail at night.

Best Animal Encounter and it’s in Cebu, baby!

These were all unexpected trips and upon checking my photo albums in my hard drive, I can’t help but worry a bit about the blogging aspect. Spell B-A-C-K-L-O-G-S?

Oh well, I’m happy enough that even if I tried to veer from the travels and adventures, they suddenly fall on my lap. I have a lot of stuff to write about and I’d like to share these experiences so hopefully, more people will be inclined to get up and head out into the open. Merry Christmas everyone!

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27 thoughts on “Six Consecutive Trips in Six Weekends”

  1. spell AMAZING! ikaw yun! 🙂
    salamat sa mention. Okay lang yan, the more backlogs the merrier.. – the merrier??

    More travels to you Ed for the next year! Sana matuloy plans mo. :))

  2. Ang saya-saya ng mga not really planned laags noh? Hehe
    Oks lang yan na maraming backlogs. Ibig sabihin marami tayong ire-reminisce na blessings na nangyari for this year 😀
    Madadagdagan pa yang backlogs mo dahil hindi na titigil yang pag-arangkada mo, Kuya Ed
    At gusto ko rin mag-stay sa brighton hotel 😛

  3. Nakakainggit naman ng lifestyle mo babe. BABE?!?! =))
    This just goes to show that even if you stay away from it, it follows you. You are meant to be a traveller and I wish you the best of luck that you get to travel the world! 😀

  4. @brenna: haha. thanks brenna. mabuti't nagkita uli tayo sa Cebu! 😀 more travels sa atin lahat. 

    @micamyx: naks, makes me realize gagawa pa ako ng year-ender for all the blessings that arrived. 😀 sige, stay tayo minsan sa isa sa mga brighton hotels ate mica! 😀

    @lawstude: thanks oman! merry christmas to you too! 😀

    @robbie: babe talaga? eh kasi naging baboy na ako. haha. you are als meant to be a traveller rob (nagtaka ako kasi bigla kang naging seryoso! lol) good luck to all of us! 😀

    @will: jam-packed na jam-packed. thanks will!

    @mervz: nakalimutan ko palang ibanggit kayo! edited the entry na at inupdate ko. hehe. thanks mervz. next time uli.

    bertn: merry Christmas Bert! thanks 😀

    @dong ho: malupit nga. thanks for letting us join you sa Osmena peak Dom! saya ng mga misadventures nun. daming pwede maiblog. hehe.

  5. Napagod ako just reading your list. I kinda envy you kasi puede ka to just up and leave like that. Ako pamilyadong tao kaya di ganun ka-flexi ang oras ko. Not that I'm complaining; choice ko naman to. But it would also be nice if I could do that. 🙂
    And so nice you've been to my fave small town (Boljoon) twice. I'd like to take a dip there some time kasi low tide when I was there. Walang beach, puro rocks lang. Oh, and thumbs up pala sa Osmena Peak pix. 
    Merry Christmas, soloflighter. Wishing you more adventures in the coming year.

  6. @AJ: Minamaximize ko yung time ko habang I can just can get up and leave nang madalian kasi alam ko some time in the future pag magkapamilya rin ako, medyo mababawasan yung mga gala ko. 😀 Kaya mo rin yan AJ! \

    Low tide din ata when I was there kaya napapalakas yung talon namin para di masyadong matamaan ang mga bato. hehe. Thanks and merry Christmas again! 

    @Eric: you can do it eric! 😀 

  7. looking forward sa imong blog re adventure with the gentle giants.. naa ra diay sa Oslob hehehe no need to go to Donsol. Merry Christmas!
    nalingaw ko sa imong Siargao adventure, was expecting you've tamed the waves. hehehe

  8. @nathalie: thanks nath! will make sure to write about it next year! 😀 no need to go to Donsol indeed! haha, I was expecting to tame the waves but the waves (and the sickness) tamed me! haha

    @mach: hi Mach! Um. nope, I just join travel bloggers at times when they go out to places. But thanks for giving me the idea!

    @killerfillers: kaya yan! happy holidays! 😀

  9. wow. wish trips like this would fall on my lap! cant help but wonder though… wouldnt it be better to be able to stay in one place just a little bit longer than a weekend? i loved dumaguete when i went there. And, i would not have just been able to stay there for just lunch… 🙂 incredible how you managed to fit all this travel in having that full time job…


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