Cliff Jumping in Malapascua, Cebu

What to do in Malapascua? Jump off a Cliff!

I had one of those great thrills that I could ever imagine when I went to Malapascua, Cebu to unwind. I was able to jump off a cliff, a high one too. I’m afraid of heights but being an adventurous person, I like trying out extreme stuff. This one didn’t really cost an arm or a leg which is good for what it’s worth.

It was beautiful a Sunday afternoon, the weather was perfect and we initially just snorkelled. I didn’t get enough sleep that’s why I lacked energy then. Only when our guide told us that we could jump off a cliff did my eyes light up. We proceeded to a part of the island and trekked to the cliff in Malapascua.

cliff jump malapascua malapascua jump
cliff dive Malapascua

We were simply enjoying the view on top of the island. We didn’t think that it was high until we were on the actual location itself. Seeing the water was really frightening in a sense that you don’t know what’s down below. We were convincing ourselves that it was going to be fine but it didn't work. We became more hesitant when we had a small conversation with our guide.

Us: “Sir, are there rocks nearby and is it deep?”
Guide: “No rocks and a lot have already jumped off from where you’re standing so it’s safe.”
Us: “Have you tried jumping?”
Guide: “NO.”

Yeah, what a way to market cliff jumping. Our guide sure knew how to keep our hopes high. He didn’t even want to join us because he too, was scared.

cliff jump malapascua island
to jump or not?

It’s good that my companions already jumped ahead; scary since they didn’t know what was about to hit them. At least the rocks had been scratched off from my head, it was only a matter of telling myself that I could do it.

cliff jump malapascua cebu cebu malapascua cliff jump
still contemplating

I mustered all the courage in the hope of facing my fears and feeling the adrenaline rush through my body. But then I was too much of a coward to take that leap. I had to count many times to psyche myself up that it was alright since others have already gone past me.

I could’ve shit my shorts because of mixed emotions running in my head. It was embarrassing because I was the last one to try it and yet I was the first one who got all excited.

jump cliff cebu

finally, the jump!

When I finally jumped, it reminded me of those dreams that we all have of falling from a high spot; only this time it hurt when I touched the surface.

cliff-jumping malapascua cliff dive malapascua
tall cliff-jump

It took some time before I hit the water; maybe because I was thinking too much and I forgot to straighten my legs. I even forgot to breathe that when I finally reached the bottom, I had to take a few moments underwater until I figured that my eyes were still open and I was still alive.

malapascua cliff
My balls didn’t really hurt after the whole experience, but my ass did. Too much pressure; darn it.

Well it’s another fear conquered; I didn’t bother going for a second round because of too much emotional investment. haha. It was the highlight of the whole trip. I was so excited that I even had to blog about it first. So guys, if ever you want to try hurting your balls or ass, try cliff jumping. This is the preparation for my bungee jumping plans next year, if all goes well.

Malapascua is 4 hours travel by bus North of Cebu.

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24 thoughts on “Cliff Jumping in Malapascua, Cebu”

  1.  It was embarrassing too because I was the last one to try it and yet I was the first one who got all excited. — LOL and yet I thought you were fearless. hehehe

  2. Doi: haha. yeah, i thought so too. Maybe it's just heights and the dark and sadako. haha

    bena: haha, thanks bena! it was indeed scary but hey, we only live once. hehe 🙂

  3. Cool! I'd like to try cliff jumping this july! hehe. We were thinking of going to bantayan but after reading this post I changed my mind. 🙂 

    • @tiara: hi tiara, thanks for dropping by this blog! wow, because of the cliff jump alone, you’ve decided to go to Malapascua? well, I’d do the same. hehe. I actually prefere Malapascua over Bantayan. Thanks! 😀

  4. I'm an adrenaline junkie at heart too. I want to see the thresher sharks too but I don't dive (yet). Inggit ako sa cliff jumping and bungy adventures mo! 🙂

    • @tiara: same here sa diving! haha. wag mainggit kasi masakit sa bulsa (yung bungy) haha. pero yung cliff jump, pwede na kasi walang bayad! haha

  5. I found myself laughing upon reading your entry. Nice one! I'll be visiting Malapascua this June.. and I would never do that. ever! Clap ng marami para sa bonggang lakas ng loob na yan! hahaha!

  6. @Erika: you can just camp in the island. i think there are no fees. but there are nice cottages around. 😀

    @kura: thanks, glad that you laughed with me. I had a bit of a time writing this entry cause I had to contain myself from recalling the experience too. haha. it took me about 30 minutes though before I could finally jump. haha.

  7. @roman: haha. umm. actually I was more scared. haha. but just be careful next time and make sure you have a guide. This jump is around 50 feet (higher than Ariel's Point in Boracay which is a famous spot for cliff diving) but the cost is free. hehe. Just make sure you know how to jump. Cross your legs as it's risky when you hit the surface. 😀

  8. huwaw! ngayon ko lang to nakita…pero napuntahan ko na yang spot na yan sa Malapascua when I went there some three years ago…now I'm thinking kung gagawin ko rin kapag may opportunity??? hahaha

  9. @docgelo: di lang parang, masakit talaga. hahaha. better straighten your legs lang talaga. haha.

    @Ryan Mach: hahaha relate na relate? 🙂

    @Darwin: ey darwin! yes, learned it the hard way. hahaha. 

    • Hi, you can ride a van/bus from the North Bus Terminal. try to ask the people there how to get to Malapascua. i think you have to ride the bus going to Maya, and then you take a boat from Maya to Malapascua. once you reach Malapascua, you can ask the guides/boatmen renting their boats to take you to the cliff.


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