comment from my Enchanted Kingdom blues post

Was browsing through my email one morning and I found out that somebody commented on my Enchanted Kingdom blues entry. I was complaining about my attempt to go to this amusement park in Laguna but failed to go inside because of a family day by another company. I was with my friend Doi and when we got to the park, we were upset considering that we came all the way from Cebu and this was the event that I was looking forward to. This is the second time that my trip to  Enchanted Kingdom (EK) got cancelled due to unforeseen circumstance and this has somewhat become a frustration on my end since I’ve never been to EK. At least for Doi, she was able to visit the place and try the rides so it isn’t that impacting to her.

Anyway, here’s the comment that I received from their the head of their guest relations.
I want to commend your effort and reward your persistence. Next time you are in Manila, contact me and I will provide you FREE access to the park. Hopefully you will enjoy the park and discover that, no, it hasn’t been bought by somebody else after all. And that it is real and exciting!


Richard P. Burgos
Head of Guest Relations
Enchanted Kingdom

I’m not entirely confident if the statement is legit or not due to complications of verifying the identity in the world wide web. However, I still replied and sent Richard P. Burgos an email since I’ll be going back to Manila by Monday, and I’ll still go to EK for the last time on May 23, 2009. I’m waiting for his reply; but I’m already thankful for the effort to respond to my blog post. Let’s just wait and see what will happen then.

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