devil’s house

cards as giveaways,
late destination arrival.
first time here,
age brushed off;
looked nothing of a minor too.
game 7 started,
only 3 more left.
lady luck absent,
marking space none either.
lost in totality,
bingo fucked up.
after-show became essential.

played for ten, started at 4;
baccarat? foreign to my ears.
time check, 6:30;
loses managed? a lot.
winnings gained? nada.
shifted from tables to slots,
to and fro confirmations.
still in toll,
only hundreds left.
loss of hope.
clock ticked,
blessing developed.

behind the pro.
player’s a novice.
confidence is the key,
good fortune in due.
fresh head start,
leave rest to mystery.
so continued the play.
panting, breathing hardly.
heart tight to awaited combination.
delighted faces beamed,
crowd packed up.
disposition: bragging.

got some, lost a little.
commission rose.
exchanged to bills.
digits upped to stun,
how does 1200 percent sum?
bet some more 20s.
checked if fortune’s still there.
presumption trashed.
deal lost to 0.
game over,
enough is enough.
learn where to stop.

walked out contented;
tho slightly dismayed.
overall thumbs up,
learned how it felt.
went back to lecture,
“this isn’t good for you.”
“you shoudn’t follow me.”
reasoned explanation,
“yeah right” in any case.
to hell with it.
sentenced with blasphemy,
give a damn i won’t.

a chip off the old block?

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nah, just a chip.

posted Monday, 18 July 2005

nina made this comment,

control.. learning when to stop.. thats the key, and oh yeah.. have fun.. dont take it so seriously.. heheh

comment added :: 18th July 2005, 22:31 GMT+08

ravissant made this comment,

there’s a lot here, ed! kaya i’m glad hindi ako marunong mag play, & refuse to learn either. usik lang sa kwarta!

comment added :: 19th July 2005, 00:54 GMT+08

Paul made this comment,

When it’s game over, move on to the next.

comment added :: 19th July 2005, 23:56 GMT+08 ::

Shawty made this comment,

you gambled?!!!!!!

comment added :: 20th July 2005, 09:04 GMT+08

ed made this comment,

nina: true, true… yes master… hehe…ravissant: usik bitaw, especially if it’s hard-earned. buti na lang nakabawi kami.

paul: when it’s game over, yeah. luck is a frustrating mystery.

shawty: no, i’m only an apprentice. hehe. i mean, just an observer. seriously, no. but i had a distressing time with the slots tho. i tell you, those are the real hoarders. evil, those things are evil… πŸ™‚

comment added :: 21st July 2005, 18:26 GMT+08

nina made this comment,

hahaha nakatawa ko sa comments! amaw man ka Ed! =pBut you know how they call slots? one armed robber.. sure na it gets all your coins.. promise.. πŸ˜‰ but then again, its all about control and having fun.. aight? πŸ˜‰

comment added :: 21st July 2005, 23:14 GMT+08

nix made this comment,

OMFG!This is not a good habit to have.

comment added :: 22nd July 2005, 09:32 GMT+08

samplawer made this comment,

i got my first taste of casino as a graduation gift from my parents, curious kase ako..hehe… wala lang.. fun… but no. i did not go back… sayang pera no!! toinks… hello..thanks”,)

comment added :: 23rd July 2005, 05:02 GMT+08

e d made this comment,

nina: ikaw na ang ni ingon master! hehe… :-)nix: dont intend to make it a long engagement nic. ;p

samplawer: uu sayang… hehe… for the experience lang. at least i wont be ignorant and i can proudly say that i’ve been to the casino when i was 18. though i haven’t figured out if i should be happy that i got in without the security asking for my age or was it an insult in my part since i got in…

comment added :: 26th July 2005, 18:31 GMT+08

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