Dubai, UAE: Hatta Heritage Walking Tour

We finished the Hatta Mountain Tour and we were planning to head back to the city when our guide asked us if we wanted to visit the Hatta Heritage Village. I’m not a history geek and I wasn’t really feeling the walking tour, but we decided to check it out for 15 minutes.

Hatta Heritage Walking Tour
April 30, 2013

hatta oman
Dubai-Hatta-Oman Safari Tour

hatta village oman
Hatta Tour

This was another welcome treat. Learning about the life and culture of Arabs in the past and being in an actual village felt like I was there in the old times.

It’s an educational do-it-yourself walking tour wherein you can walk at your own pace and explore the area. It had a quiet atmosphere.

heritage village hatta
inside the Hatta village

hatta defense
guarding their fort

At times I got scared because nobody was inside the rooms, but when we opened them, lights would suddenly turn on. Sometimes a statue of a person would be staring at us and I initially thought that they were real people. hehe.

hatta village
this scene scared me in the beginning

hatta house
inside the rooms

It was good that this wasn’t an ordinary place where we would just stare at statues/pictures and read about the past. The fact that we could freely open house doors made the whole tour exciting because of the mystery of every home.

Take note that every house has security cameras inside so if ever you do something unruly, then smile for lenses.

hatta village gift shop
souvenir shop

heritage gift shop dubai

Hatta gift shop

Jana and I initially thought that we wouldn’t be interested in this side trip, but our 15 minutes turned 30 as we wanted to see what we could discover in each house. We had to get back to the entrance as our guide was already waiting for a long time.

Time: 8:30am to 2:30pm.
Tour Guide: Shahzad Ahmad
Mobile Number: +971 56 2318281, +971 52 7866550


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13 thoughts on “Dubai, UAE: Hatta Heritage Walking Tour”

  1. Nice pictures! Something new for us hehe ok yan DIY tour sa loob at least you can freely move or stay sa section you’re interested in. Kelan kaya ako makakalabas ng airport ng Dubai para makalakwatsa hehe

  2. the place looks eerily quiet. but i guess that you were the only ones there which explains the lack of people. didn’t you get scared?


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