Preparing for the Winter Holidays

I’ve been here in the Middle East for over nine months now. My, my, how time has flown so quickly. Despite being stuck working in a retail shop six days in a week, I try my best to travel during my days off. That is, if my body can still keep up with the lack of rest.

I guess I haven’t been used to the work environment ever since I quit my previous job to go freelance and set up my online projects. However, I’m excited in the coming months as I have a month’s worth of vacation leave after a year in the shop.

imagining the holidays

It’s a great opportunity for me to plan a beach escape especially when Cosmos winter sun holidays is fast approaching. This is of perfect timing since I arrived in Dubai during the Winter Season and now, I can still prepare for a good weather when I hand in my leave request. I can already imagine the places that are just near where I am based.

Sri Lanka

I won’t have to worry about processing my visa when I visit Sri Lanka. Swimming with turtles in an island resort, visiting a tea plantation of which they are known for, or seeing elephants in a safari wildlife tour. I’ve tried bathing elephants in Chiang Mai and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

sri lanka
Sri Lanka
photo source: mckaysavage


Or how about checking out the pyramids up close? Egypt’s history intrigues me and while it’s winter season, the weather would just be perfect for some sun and sightseeing. If I get tired of all the sand, then I can just do some adventure watersports in various resorts.

photo source: paulmannix


For a relaxing vacation, Maldives is definitely an easy fix. This is just a 4-hour plane-ride from Dubai and budgeting a cheap winter holiday trip isn’t that difficult to do. Checking in on one of those houses on stilts already makes me want to book a flight to this location! Much more the marine-life, fresh fruits and seafood, and more.

photo source: sackerman519

So far, these are just a few of the places that come to mind. I’m still glad that I get to explore the outskirts of the city even if I only have a short span of time to do so. The other day, I went to have some waterslide fun in Atlantis, The Palm Resort. I was also able to visit the Sharjah Desert and some places in the United Arab Emirates.

Still, my mind is wandering again knowing that it won’t be long until that international leave is about to happen. I want to maximize the days that I’ll be off from work. I will definitely have a relaxing break within the next few months; maybe watch the sun set more than once.

malapascua island
Malapascua Island


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