PHEW!!! tapos na ang finals!! and the problem is we still don’t have
our admission slip! (we, because we are 3 in all studying in college
in the same, not including two other yougner brothers)… you know
what’s the problem? M-O-N-E-Y… hindi pa nga kami nakakabayad kahit
sa prelim at sa midterm eh… anyway, at least when we inquired on
what we ought to do… magpapatake naman sila pero hindi lang
irerecord… kaya nagpoproblema na naman kung asa kukuha ng
maibabayad… sa mga bumabasa na magbigay ng advice sa akin… wag na
lang, nagawa na namin ang lahat… at mahirap i-explain ang situation
namin ngayon… kaya binubuhos ko nalang ang sarili dito sa

balik tayo sa finals na topic… ang saya-saya!!! here’s the list of
my subjects…

FILIPINO 1 – i didn’t study, but i was able to copy anyway… hehehe…

ENGLISH 1 – still, i didn’t study… but it was more on analyzing…
we had two parts though… the other was an oral exam… madali lang
naman… parang interview style… our instructor would pick a number
out of 43 sayings… and we were told to explain it…

PE 1 – it was a sort-of cheerdance presentation… need i say more?

CHEMISTRY 1:LECTURE – heat capacity, solution, and kodigs… hehehe…

CHEMISTRY 1: LABORATORY – i came late, and the others were already
through! and that was a good thing… some nursing students taught us
the answers so it was no sweat!

PLANE TRIGONOMETRY – exempted!!! flat 1!… yes!!! although there were
only 3 of us…

COLLEGE ALGEBRA – easy! our instructor gave us two problems and we’re
told to pick just one… piece of cake!

ENGINEERING DRAWING 1 – this has got to be my hatest subject this
semester… i hate drawing! the worse thing was that i kept on making
new plates because i overdid lack some lines… grrr… hmph…

NSTP – i didn’t study but i didn’t care… i know that won’t fail
anyway (ang yabang ko!)… it was a commulative type of test… so i
was able to recall other answers… also with the help of the trusted

yes!!! happy sembreak blogmates!!!

posted Wednesday, 15 October 2003
A visitor made this comment,
buti ka pa. me, hindi ko pa submit take home finals ko. dealine na sa thursday.

comment added :: 20th October 2003, 14:22 GMT+08
larga made this comment,
enjoy your sembreak!! btw, thanks for dropping by sa blogsite ko. =)
comment added :: 21st October 2003, 01:12 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
Galing mo naman sa Math, pedeng pahingi ng powers mo? Hehehe…
Hapi sembrek sa yo!(kahit di na ako nag – iiskul)

comment added :: 22nd October 2003, 05:41 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
hi there! tnx for dropping by on my blog…
good luck sa release ng grades… i know u can make it. =)

link kita ah…

comment added :: 22nd October 2003, 23:32 GMT+08

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  1. galing mo nomon sa math! kakainggit….
    anyways, im gonna read all of ur posts here from the beginning to the end… ok lang ba?! i'm all bored here and lahat na ng blogs ay restricted dito sa ofiz…sa'yo lang hindi, dunno why…pano ka nga pala nagkaroon ng own domain..tanong lang… pacnxa sa distorbo… natutuwa talaga me sa yong blog… para lang kitang kausap..hehe


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