Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly, Cebu

Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly infront of University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus USC-TC Talamban, Cebu I’m glad that I get to have classes in the Talamban Campus despite having most of my subjects in the Main Campus. What I usually like is that I get to eat really budget meals, good for students there. We … Read more

Second Semester: 20 or so days

Second Semester What I like about the second semester is the number of classes that are available for students like me. It has a number ( a lot) of holidays (special and not) that you can’t help but just be amazed at how time flies by fast. It’s the 7th of January, minus the Sinulog festival, I … Read more


PHEW!!! tapos na ang finals!! and the problem is we still don’t haveour admission slip! (we, because we are 3 in all studying in collegein the same, not including two other yougner brothers)… you knowwhat’s the problem? M-O-N-E-Y… hindi pa nga kami nakakabayad kahitsa prelim at sa midterm eh… anyway, at least when we inquired … Read more

working student

i want to try being a working student… the problem is i don’t knowwhere to start! i want to work for a fast food joint… i want to expeience working while studying… although i’m sure ican’t do good in both (meaning i can’t serve two masters at the sametime and excel in both because of … Read more


I hate you Mr. Homoerectus! I really do. From the moment you stepped into my academic life was the time when I fully understood what “favoritism” really meant. If only you could read this and realize all the hatred that I’ve conjured up just to write this. You are my inspiration. You’re the reason of … Read more