job hunting part 2: initial interview

so there i was… at jollibee… i arrived 15 minutes earlier than the
scheduled time… i asked the guard about the interview and he let me
sit down… i met a few peeps… names were katrina and miriam…. we
were only four in all.. i never got to know the other one… anyway,
we were called individually… it took about 30 minutes for each one
to finish… while killing the time… we chatted and talked about
ourselves… it was nice of them too… they were friendly…

i had the jitters because it was my first time doing it all by
myself… and also because i lied about my age… supposed to be, i
think, that you must be at least 18 years old… so i lied and stated
in my bio that i was a year older… i’m nervous about that part…

when it was my turn (i was the 3rd one to be called and my favorite
number too!)… the interview, was okay, i guess… i know it’s not
really a big deal… the only problem about that was i couldn’t talk
straight english… i had to mix it with filipino and cebuano… good
thing too that the interviewer didn’t look like he would bite my head
off… so i finished it and had made an impact, hopefully…

he also mentioned that he was planning to hire me as a SMART
personnel…no, no, not the network… i forgot what it stood for
though… but it was more on marketing… if ever i get hired… i
will be in charge of the physical set-up (i.e. posters etc.) and
grabbing customers… so is that a good thing?

the other reminders was that i have to have a health card…
magpapax-ray pa raw at magbayad pa dito… tapos magbibigay ng deposit
charge na P150.00 para sa uniform… (baka kasi raw di namin isasauli
yun pag hindi natanggap)…hay!… dagdag gastos na naman… it may
take a week to get the card… after that, i will start in what they
call a “pre-screening”… if i pass that and i won’t quit, then i get
the job…

today’s saturday, they called me again for the final interview on
monday at 4:00 pm… did i do fine???

posted Friday, 17 October 2003
samplawer made this comment,
keep praying… you’re orayt so far.. i guess.. keep believing in
yourself…meanwhile… wait ako sa susunod na kabanata..tee hee “,)..
comment added :: 18th October 2003, 23:51 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
bakit nga ba ganon? we can write straight english pero pag on the spot
na, kinakapos. hmm, siguro dahil 2nd language lang natin yon kaya ok
lang. bat ka nga naman magi-ingles 24/7 kung pinoy ka’t narito sa

comment added :: 26th October 2003, 19:31 GMT+08

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