Hong Kong Rewind: My Second Time

So I just got back home from my Cebu to Hong Kong flight courtesy of Airphil Express. I was planning to write random stories between the six-day vacation but whenever I got back to the place we stayed for the night, I’d usually doze off, tired from the daily activities. So in true blue backlog fashion, let me share short pieces of different highlights of this Hong Kong trip.

July 28 – August 3, 2011
Hong Kong Trip

Airphil Express Inaugural Flight

First time to experience being invited by an airline company. This is to witness the maiden flight of Airphil Express from Cebu to Hong Kong. I didn’t realize this to be that big of an event, complete with speeches from department heads and presentations until I was there. I found out later that this was the first flight of the budget airline to Hong Kong.

I was with three other bloggers (Estan, Irene and Sinjin) so I was really happy to be invited to this special occasion.

airphil express inaugural flight
Airphil Express at the Pre-departure area

Ngong Ping

Rode the cable car leading to Ngong Ping Village so I could finally see the giant buddha. This was the main tourist attraction that I wasn’t able to see due to the bad weather when we visited Hong Kong last year.

giant buddha hong kong
Finally met the Giant Buddha.


Shows in Disneyland were one of the things that I missed out on which is probably the reason why I didn’t enjoy it as much last year. My faith has been renewed and I’m now agreeing that this is indeed the happiest place on earth. *tongue out*

disney land lion king
Lion King production

Sky100 Tower

Was fortunate enough to have a tour to a recently launched observation deck on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Center – which is the 4th tallest building in the world and the tallest building in Hong Kong. The Sky100 provides a 360-degree panoramic view of Hong Kong and this just opened in April 2011.

sky100 hong kong
view from the 100th floor of the ICC Tower

Central Mid-Levels Escalators Hike

Carrying a 60-Liter backpack, I was able to ride the central mid-levels escalators and hike back to our starting point for almost a kilometer. These are a series of moving staircases which is said to be the longest outdoor escalator in the world. I brought my backpack which had all my stuff for the 6-day travel (laptop and camera included) as we were still waiting for our next place to stay to become available. It was good exercise though.

hong kong mid level escalator
Hiking the longest outdoor escalator in the world

OFWs in Hong Kong

Aside from the usual tourist spots, I had the chance to meet Filipina domestic workers who are based in Hong Kong. Each one had different stories and I had the pleasure of talking to them, understanding how life is a constant challenge for survival in order to send money to their loved ones back in the Philippines.

OFW hong kong
scene at the HSBC Building in Central district every Sunday

Hong Kong Food

I didn’t want to miss out on eating authentic food so I made sure to stuff myself with noodles, fish balls, dumplings, etc. everyday. I even had a number of rounds buying the famous eggette.

eggette hong kong
Eggette (doesn’t sound right in the Cebuano language)

Had a funny experience as well when it took five minutes for the attendant in a noodle shop and I to discuss my order. After some time, he finally gave up and told his boss to talk to me so he could read the menu in English.

noodle shop hong kong
white noodles with beef

People Overload

Different districts were filled with so many people walking and shopping. I usually don’t like to be in a huge crowd but I couldn’t help feel the energy because of the people around me. That’s why when I was back in Mongkok, my favorite district, I was grinning all over. I’ve a number of paparazzi shots too, which I plan to post as a separate entry in this blog.

hong kong people
busy night as always

I’ll write more detailed accounts of these stories when I have the time. These are just a few sights I’ve shared though I don’t know how to deal with the many entries waiting to be posted. Oh well, a lot of travel bloggers can surely relate and at least I have something to write about.


Back to the Daily Grind

I’m all tired but happy. Now I’m preparing myself for another day back at the office. I’m a little sleepy with all the travelling but all is well. I’m really glad for this unexpected opportunity to travel again. I’ll share more detailed accounts of my HongKong trip soon.

edcel hongkong
at Mongkok station
Photo by Estan

I’d like to thank Airphil Express for making this Cebu to Hong Kong flight possible. Like their Facebook Page for more updates on cheap fares and promos. I’d also like to thank the Hong Kong Tourism Board for the arranged tours.

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29 thoughts on “Hong Kong Rewind: My Second Time”

  1. aba, pareho tayong holidays to portugal! hehe
    lam mo, your headstand is wayyy better and orig than planking.. hehe ang stupid lang tingan. everybody can do that kasi, yet proud na proud yung plankers, as if unique na idea yun. haha!

  2. looks like you guys had so much fun! kala ko kasama din si Marc. Hangganda nung Giant Buddha, kakaiba xa. =)  
    It is indeed great news na my direct flight na  Airphil to HK. I hope sumunod na din ibang desti. welcome home Ed! =)

  3. @chyng: haha, saya ng holidays! haha. napepressure na nga akong magheadstand parati chyng! haha. i actually did a plank and it's with estan, but i don't want to post it. hehe. thanks chyng! may gymnast sa disneyland na napahiya ako kasi ambilis nyang makaheadstand though. 🙁

    @supertikoy: umm, haven't been to vietnam but loved the white noodles! thanks jerome!

    @marky: haha, dapat lang. basta libre. lol. next time marky, you will be able to visit Disneyland. Who knows, the Insidious porcelain doll aka Russell Wang might save you a seat sa theater. haha. Yep, thanks a lot for the info, Marky! Now I have a reason to go back and stay in HK cheap! 😀

    @nathalie: haha, imagine when I kept saying to my companions, "gusto kong kumain ng eggette!" — to think my voice was so loud, good thing nobody understood the language. hehe. im happy I made you laugh nathalie! 😀

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: hi gael! yeah, it was fun. kahit lakad nang lakad pa rin! hehe. now I want to get a massage as my back and my shoulders hurt. hehe. I’m looking forward to more destinations abroad para mas maraming options. hope to see you soon gael! 😀

    @tinathefrustratedtraveler: haha, ok lang yan. dun naredeem ang faith ko sa disneyland kasi konte lang yung rides na nasakyan namin, akala ko kasi parang Ocean park na andaming extreme rides… hehe.

  4. Wow, you won another free travel.. Ikaw na jud Ed! 
    We missed the Sky100  when we went there last Feb., nasuya ko sa imo bunjee jump last year, can't help but watch the vid over and over.. 

  5. Love that headstand. If I do that, I'd likely break my neck. (Mind you, I used to do that when I was still doing yoga eons ago)  —  can't wait for the more detailed blogs, but I can tell you spent your HK holiday pretty well.  And I have to try that eggette, whatever it's called.

  6. hahah! naaliw ako sa comment ni Chyng. Eksakto. I couldn't agree more. E kahit ako kayang kaya kong dumapa sa escalator no. But I won't do that. Naimagine ko lang pag tumabi ang plankers habang naka headstand ka.. hahagalpak talaga ko. lol!
    Grabe parang nasa pinas ka lang no? Pinoy Invasion. Sabi ng friends ko yung locals dun talagang nakakaintindi na at nakakapagsalita na ng tagalog. Nga pala, nakakita ka ng free taste na street foods? 

  7. @abarai jap: thanks! haha, was lucky to be invited sa Sky100. 😀

    @lifeisacelebration: tita lili! wow! I'll probably just wait for a couple more years before I'll retire from the headstand. hehe. they call it bubble puff or something. It's like a waffle/pancake which is better if it had filling inside. 😀

    @kura: haha. didn't realize na naging uso pala yung planking until recently. tuloy parang mahihiya na ako pag marami nang nagheheadstands. hehe. yep, sa Central station maraming mga Pinay! 😀 I want to blog about it soon para educational naman tong blog na toh paminsan minsan. hehe. di na kami nakapag free street food, may bayad lahat. hehe

    @killrfillr: thanks man! I love Mongkok! buti na lang di nakita ng guard! kakatakot pag napagalitan kami. hehe. The normal entrance rate sa sky100 is around 150 HKD. 😀

    @dong ho: ganda ng skyline, sarap dalhin yung tripod kaso mabigat na kasi yung bitbit. hehe. yeah, didn't realize na may dragon dance and breakfast buffet sa inauguration!

  8. In one year, naka-dalawang balik ka na sa HK! Hehe 😀 At least this time you had more time to walk by yourself and disneyland!!! 😀 dapat makapag-hk na rin ako 0_o

  9. @micamyx: didn't realize it until you mentioned it! onga noh? wow, really nice way of putting it Mica! Mag HK ka na! 😀

    @lakwatsera de primera: saya talaga basta libre! hehe. 😀

    @ihcahieh: haha, sakit na nang ulo ko nyan! hehe

    @kat: Hongkong is like the New York of Asia (I think) hehe. yeah, sarap maligaw, kasi may MTR lang parati na pwedeng puntahan para makabalik sa hostel 😀

    @renz bulseco: ey renz, I was invited with the rest of the 3 bloggers by Airphil Express to help promote the new Cebu to Hong Kong route. 😀

  10. hahaha of all places sa mongkok mtr station mo pa talaga ginawa ang headstand….wala ko katilaw anang egit este eggette,dili lagi siya basa basa hahaha

  11. Winner talaga ang headstand shot at a busy metro! Blogstar na blogstar! Oh, and next time hire me to carry your heavy equipment. I'll be your dakilang alalay! 🙂
    This is a good patikim. This groupie is now salivating for your detailed accounts…and for those pap shots in Mongkok.

  12. Bungga! Parang may grand EB lang ng mga OFWs. Hahaha.
    Nasaktan naman ako ng slight sa comment ni Chyng! Kahit minsan lang ako nag-plank and it's even before it took flight in the PH. T_T

  13. @chris: haha, uga mang ang eggette so ok lang. hehe

    @AJ: wow, wag na, exercise na yung heavy backpack. hehe. thanks, more backlogs na talaga toh! 😀

    @robbie: haha, onga, was really amazed at masaya ako to see this type of gathering dun sa Central district. 😀 toinks, ok lang yan rob, gawa ka na lang ng bagong trick! like ummm. magdrawing? kada lugar? hehehe.

  14. grabe, ikaw na talaga… ikaw na… hehehe… i hope to enjoy our trip as much as you did, not once but twice! 🙂
    i'll be in HK on November, 5days…
    madami pa panahon ko para basahin at magawa ko din halos lahat ng na-enjoy mo…
    thank you! 🙂


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