flowers and the dead

after reading ‘the catcher in the rye’ sa national bookstore… one
thing that struck me most is this:

"Nobody wants to receive flowers when they’re already dead."

of course, some would like to oppose…cosmetology or something. but what i mean is isn’t it
better if people receive flowers when they can still see it? when they
can still feel and smell it? and when they can still appreciate it? i
find it hard to imagine myself not receiving a single flower (kahit
yung nasa bandang gilid ng kalsada na nai-ihian lang nga mga tao, okay
na yun) but will have lots when i’m already 6 feet under…. — sigh

speaking of dying, when i was a little kid, i once swore to myself
that i won’t let my body be cremated when i die, i thought it’d hurt
like hell. ‘kala ko masakit! how stupid of me!!! lolz.

posted Thursday, 3 June 2004

A visitor made this comment,
hahaha. dati sabi ko when i die, punta ako sa moon kasi pwede nakong
lumipad by that time kasi spirit nalang ako. =P
i love receing flowers, makes my heart melt. hihi.and yeah, it doesnt
matter kahit pinitas lang sa kalye.


comment added :: 5th June 2004, 20:33 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
that’s my all time favorite book, catcher in the rye. "it killed me",
that was my expression then.

comment added :: 7th June 2004, 16:39 GMT+08
coleen made this comment,
receiving flowers…as my college friend used to tell me…"feeling
ko, ang ganda ganda ko"
makes one feel special…i’ll never grow tired of receiving them.

comment added :: 8th June 2004, 01:33 GMT+08
Shawty made this comment,
i received flowers when i got sick!! hmmm gusto ko rin maka receive ng
flowers yun bang wala lang kahit walang occasion hehehe…
pwede na pala magbasa sa natio?? lolz

comment added :: 12th June 2004, 10:23 GMT+08
crunchies made this comment,
that book is a classic sadly, i’ve never read it yet, maybe bec
unconsciously i’m afraid it would traumatize me the way "the
outsiders" and "lord of the flies" did, still, wouldn’t it better to
receive flowers even if only when you’re dead than none at all?
here in the phils, we usually give fruits to the sick but flowers are
common in western countries and frankly, the sight of it would cheer
me up if i were in the hospital and yes, even those simple ones you
see on the road (yung damo lang sa probinsya) would make me smile coz
there’s not much of them here in the city.

comment added :: 13th June 2004, 20:14 GMT+08

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1 thought on “flowers and the dead”

  1. me here, nevr received one (except those flowers given by my papa)… nag date kami once ng ex ko, may dala cyang gumamela…na-excite at kinilig ako…akala ko bibigay nya sa pala, pinitas lang nya dahit cute daw ang pagka purple-ish nun..nvr tologo binigay saken ..hahahahha
    maganda ba ang – catcher in the rye- ? lagi ko kc nadadaanan yan pag tumatambay ako sa booksale…
    anyways… i enjoy reading your stuff…hope u don't mind… wala kc me calls d2 kaya, nagbabasa na lang 😉
    i wonder kung kelan ka naging call center agent…gonna reach that post soon…


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