Cebu to Hong Kong Flight Courtesy of Airphil Express

Note: This post was drafted and the blog owner is already in Hong Kong for the second time around.

In an unexpected turn of events, I suddenly had to go through a pile of maps inside a brown envelope I kept and familiarize myself with the MTR. I’ll be going on a sponsored trip for a Cebu to Hong Kong flight courtesy of Airphil Express. I’ll be joining four other bloggers who were invited to take part in the inauguration of this new budget airline route.

hong kong MTR Map
reading the MTR map again to give me a quick run-through of the place

Hong Kong is the first destination that I visited outside my own country. Even if it hasn’t reached a year before I’m stepping foot on this region again, I’m really looking forward to this trip.

The last time was just too fast-paced, going from one famous tourist spot to another: Ocean Park, Disneyland, hopping on a ferry boat to Macau, Victoria Peak and other shopping spots. I remember my legs killing me as it was 6 days of walking non-stop.

hong kong people
people on the streets at 10pm

Reading through old entries which helped propel traffic to this blog, I can’t help but feel excited that I’ll be visiting one of the most densely populated areas in the world again. It will be fun to watch people walk (yes indeed!) and see neon lights and colored signs begging for attention in each district.

One great thing about this is that I’ll have more time to just chill and take things in a slower pace.

hong kong streets
No car hire portugal here but the night is definitely alive.

Hong Kong Street Food

One of the things I missed out on was trying the street food. I don’t know what went wrong but we never got to taste fried squid balls or check out noodle shops when we were there. Since I’m also on a budget, I’ll be happily munching on these food items which I’m already craving for.

squid balls hong kong
squid balls

street food hong kong
I’ll try one, I’ll try ‘em all!

I hope to focus more on narratives as my articles before were purely based on itineraries. They were helpful posts, but I’d like to share more stories about life in HongKong.

Airphil Express will be launching its maiden flight route from Cebu to Hong Kong which is a welcome treat as this gives every Filipino more choices when it comes to choosing cheaper flights on airline promo fare rates.

I’m really lucky to be included on the list so I’m taking advantage of the vacation to take a longer break. I hope it won’t rain as I’ll be staying there for 6 days.

You can check out my old blog posts about my first trip from Cebu to Hongkong here:

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29 thoughts on “Cebu to Hong Kong Flight Courtesy of Airphil Express”

  1. Now that really makes it easier for people in the Visayas and Mindanao to skip Manila going to Hong Kong! My parents just came back from their Singapore trip on Airphil via Cebu to Davao (my hometown).  I actually prefer flying through Cebu since it's conveniently  one terminal building only!

  2. At least siguro sa Mactan International hindi ganun ka congested ang runway di gaya sa NAIA, LOL. Wait, why am I LOLing, this isn't funny, LOL. Enjoy your trip! =)

  3. bigtime! congrats! ang sarap siguro magtravel pag libre.and yes wag kalimutan ang signature headstand! ikaw lang ata nakakagawa nun sa blogging community…hahaha

  4. @angel: salamat Angel! swerte talaga! 😀

    @Thristhan: you should check out HK for its streets!

    @flipnomad: haha, thanks for the support flip, really appreciate it! watch out sa headstand courtesy of Estan's camera! hehe.

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, thanks gael! onga, this is truly better and unexpected. maraming salamat sa faith gael 😀

    @the nomadic pinoy: indeed, i thought that they had a flight from Manila to Hong Kong. This is really great that AirPhil Express now has other options for us. and they're on an expanding spree too! 😀

    @ihcahieh: haha. never really thought about that… thanks for the new insight! onga, less hassle and terminal fee is also less! 😀

    @killrfillr: maswerte nga! salamat! 

    @supertikoy: jerome! sensya di ako makapagreply. but yeah swerte kasi balik travel! 😀

    @renz bulseco: blog lang ng blog! never thought to experience this too! haha, gud luck sakin ang mga yan!  babanatin ko ang street food! hehe

    @chris: just really lucky chris! yes, ok din and yes, watch out kayo sa headstand. hehe.

    @micamyx: mica!!! tagal na pala nun! daan ka cebu tas sakay ka ng airphil express (ganun talaga!) para madaanan mo kami on your way to HK. hahahaha. 😀

  5. wooooooow!! 😀 ang saya. honestly, di pa ako nakakalabas ng bansa but when I do, my first stop will be HK for a street food fest 🙂 
    Have fun in HK Ed with your sponsored trip 🙂

  6. Naks! Congrats ed! Lucky you! yep you should try their street food. I was told by my mom it was so damn good kaya inabuso nila ang free taste. hahah! Matandain pala mga tindera dun. Binubugaw na sila nung nakahalatang pulutong ng mga mangungulimbat sina mama. lol!
    Have fun!

  7. @smarla: malulula ka sa pagkain sa HK Smarla! Thanks ! 😀

    @kura: haha, pero iba pa rin talaga ang may sasakyan. haha! congrats to us! ganun. hanap rin ako ng free taste dito. hehe

    @AJ: hahaha, parang rock star ako nyan. haha. thanks AJ!

    @robbie: uyy, may narinig din ako tungkol sa airline invitations. hehehe. thanks rob! pressure na naman! 😀

    @dong ho: yeah, didn't realize it before na Cebu to Hong Kong lang pala ang flight papuntang HK ng Airphil Express! hope magbukas ang Vietnam and Cambodia. 😀

    @ron: thanks ron! swerte talaga kasi Cebu! hehe. mahirap sa Manila, daming magagaling. hehe

    @miranda: wow. must bring back so many good memories there! 

    @lakwatsera de primera: haha, sana nga claire! thanks. 😀

  8. Wow, congrats Ed! Hong Kong is probably one of my most favorite cities and I can't wait to return there later this year. 🙂 Hope you had a fantastic trip!

  9. Congrats bro, you already! Hahaha I'm not sure if apas pa, pero if ever, can you say hi to Tom Lee Music Store for me? Hehehe I wanted to buy all the guitars there. Hehe

  10. Congrats were invited by the Airphil for their first inauguration of new budget airline route (bah?)    with that they are expecting more of your blog travel entry updated, who knows they'll post one of your entry to their airline magazine one day….

  11. @cedric: thanks ced! the trip went really well. really love the vibe there! 😀

    @adventurousfeet: wow, thanks! yeah 6 days came by so fast but it was great!

    @Bob Crunch: thanks bob! I did!

    @jake: haha, jake diay sad ka? salamat george! didn't get to visit that store but I'll check it out if ever I can get back!

    @eric: thanks for the kind words Eric! yes, it's a new route. yes, another list added to the backlogs so I'll have to work double, triple time!


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