job hunting part 5: pre-screening exam

DAY 1: first time kong gumising ng napaka-aga!!! well, maybe not my
first time… sa cebu siguro oo… it was my first time since we
moved here… i woke up 4:30 in the morning…. usually i do my
morning wake mga 7:30 na… pero ngayon, kailangan ko na ng disiplina
sa sarili… i have to report at 6:00 am… anyway, i had my 1st
shave… yup…. my first time! mag-aahit raw… parang may bigote

i got there 30 minutes earlier… (mabuti na ‘yung first impressions
last di ba?)… i was assigned at the SMART station…. i still don’t
know what it stood for! but it was about taking down delivery
orders… and a little bit of helping my co-workers… i learned some
basic tasks… and studied some papers… about C & S (Cleanliness and
Sanitation) and GOP (General Operating Procedures)…i hate
memorizing! after a few more hours… i had my exam about the copies i
read… and i flunked… damn! good thing i’m able to re-take it… my
score were 12/15 and 15/20… shit! i needed to get a 13 and an
18…. oh well, gotta be more serious next time! i also learned in one
of my co-workers…. na 17 pa pala siya! at tinanggap naman….
ngayon, ipagpatuloy ko na lang ang pagkukunwari ko… shit!

DAY 2: still woke up early… same time and same place… i learned
more today.. about what i should do… i took the test again and
passed! puuuuurrrfect!!! hehehe… buti na lang!

i also committed my first boo-boo… when one of the staff told me to
dispense 71 coke beverages in cups… na-sobrahan ko! i lost count of
it… tapos napagalitan ako… it serves me right though… kaya sa
susunod, ‘wag kang magtanga-tanga dyan!… it was sa busy day!
supposed to be, aalis ako at 10:30… pero pinakawalan ako pagka-11:50
na! …. kakapagod…. at sa simula pa lang yan… pero buti na lang,
mabait yung trainor ko… yung siya nga raw noon, hindi siya
maka-imik… sunod lang ng sunod… well, still got a lot more to

—-sigh—- 3 more days to go… hindi pa nakakatapos sa mga
requirements… walang pera eh…

DAY 3: 2-6 pm pa ang sked ko ngayon… salamat! may panahon pang
makatulog! i went to have a drug check (hindi pala drug test) this
morning… they got a sample from my urine and voila!, i’m
negative…. it’s not that i was having doubts though.. hehe…
anyway, i also went to city hall to get a cedula… this day was a bit
fine… i started practicing on how to answer calls from customers:
“bee happy! thank you for calling jollibee (location)… this is (my
name) speaking, how may i help you?” uh! i hate my voice! medyo
nagkakamali rin ako at namimis-pronounce yung mga words. but all the
calls weren’t for delivery purposes…

2 days na lang!

DAY 4: 6-10 pm pa ang duty ko. so i tried to get a police clearance…
3 days pa kasi ang results… when i got there they said na walang
office hours… nagka-stiff-neck rin pala ako! kakainis! parati akong
naka-side view ang ulo ko.. hehe
anyway, today’s okay though.. i had a station exam… ‘kala ko na
multiple choice type na naman… but i was wrong! lahat enumeration…
ha bahala na! ginamit ko na lang yung sentido kumon ko…

after that… we had a meeting for some new promos… and also
cleaned… of all the skeds, the closing’s probably got to be the
hardest part! i went home at 12:30 am! medyo kakatakot nga kasi
pagdaan ko sa isang store… may gwardiyang natutulog nang nakaupo…
at hindi ko nakita ang ulo! yipes!

DAY 5: last day na ngayon! shit! na-late pa ako! yung manong kasi na
driver eh parating naghahanap ng mga pasahero… so parating
pahinto-hinto at ang bagal tumakbo! pero buti nalang at busy masyado
sila… kaya walang time para i-check yung oras sa pag-in ko…

i wasn’t able to follow my sked… i was busty entertaining customers
and callers! i handled a call from an old man, i think… buti na lang
rin… ang bait-bait niya! kahit ilang beses akong nagkamali sa mga
presyo.. at kahit tinawagan ko pa siya uli… hindi naman siya
nagalit… okay naman ngayon… after the duty… i was told to come
back after completing all my requirements…

i also asked another employee kung kasama pa ba sa sweldo yung extra
hours na work sa paglilinis at mga meeting… sabi raw, hindi! kung
closing is 9:30 pm lang, eh di hanggang 9:30 rin yung bayad sa’yop! so
walang bisa pala yung extra effort ko kahapon! rules are rules i

—hay!— tapos na! requirements na lang ang kulang!

posted Tuesday, 28 October 2003
A visitor made this comment,
so you made it, congrats! mistakes are understandable. just try your best. 🙂

crunchies []
comment added :: 4th November 2003, 21:55 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
ey dgboy, i know a lot about the burger chain u r in right now. and u
should be paid for the total number of hours u worked for. “charity”
should not be condoned by the so-called #1 burger chain in the pinas.
that’s being unfair. u can leave ur email in my blog if u want if
there are lots of unfair labor practices u see in the place where u
are working. (no, i am not frm kmu or something)

comment added :: 4th November 2003, 23:35 GMT+08

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