“free at last, free at last! thank God Almighty, i am free at last” —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a chain was broken. arms not….. who am i too kid myself? don’t have time to be poetic. am not good in that. what im trying to say is that i’m free! okay, not quite. just … Read more

lakad 2004

we had a team-building retreat last 25-26 at Toledo (somewhere south of Cebu) called LAKAD. it’s an annual event which started in 1998 that the company requires to all its staffs and employees. and i’m included in the last batch of the Cebu Chapter. we were divided into 4 tribes, each representing the 4 nature … Read more

forgetful me

i wasn’t my usual self today. my eyes are tired, walang gana sa trabaho, pero walang magawa kasi trabaho mo eh… just read at what happened… situation 1: me: ma’am may i take your order? customer: i’ll have one #1… hot and crispy chicken and regular softdrink… me: is this for dine in or take … Read more

nothing abnormal

been thinking of something to blog about, but my mind always shiftsfrom one topic to another… and i can’t decide… so maybe i’ll tellyou how my day went through… woke up at 8:00 am… after doing my morning necessities, i went towork, going to work is a 1 hour bumpy and dusty ride, so it’s … Read more

from bee happy to finger-lickin’

Been trying to blog the past few weeks, problems are, not having enough money, not enough time, and not enough thoughts. Anyways, just trying to give you an update of what’s going on now with my life. Okay. Been busy looking for a job here in Cebu. Luckily though, after countless visits of another Jollibee … Read more

5, 900, the mayor, congressman and DepEd officer

—yawn— i feel sleepy… no, tired!!! i went home yesterday @ 10:00 pm and wasup again @ 4:00 am… may BO (bulk order) kasi sa store… 510 naregular yum… marami actually if you are in our case… maliit langang store namin… kaya nangangailangan ng manpower… pumunta kami saisang company na may family afair or general … Read more


this entry is something i made for a friend kasi nagpatulong siyangmagpagawa ng composition about anything that has comparison in it…so this is what i came up with… ————- It’s 4:00 in the morning, Jane dresses up after taking a bath. Shegoes out. It’s a long way from her destination that’s why she has tobe … Read more

all-around crew

so this morning i went to the DTI para kumuha nga permit para sabagong promo sa store namin… the problem here was di ko alam kungasan! good thing that being resourceful person as i have been… iasked for directions and just took my little adventure until i got tomy destination! you know what’s nice with … Read more


the other day, i was tasked to attend a meeting of the smo’s (storemarketing officers) here… and since my manager doesn’t want toattend these stuffs… whoa! i served as his proxy… talk aboutexposure… i felt like i was a manager bringing the name of our storeon my own! haha… what a pretty embarassing sight i … Read more

delivery blues

buwisit masyado kahapon!!! this is what happened:i’m a jeds operator (jollibee express delivery service) here… whichmeans i handle all the calls for delivery and assemble the orders ofevery customer… i’m also a store marketing assistant… anyway, i’lltell you later about my day to day routine… let’s focus on whathappened during a particular delivery… after accepting … Read more


well, we’ve been delivering the orders of some schools for theirchristmas parties… together with a jollibee mascot… nakita ko kungpa’no niya sinuot… at ang init pala masyado!!! ang sikip! that’s whypala rate nila eh 190 pesos per 30 minutes appearance with freefood… sa’min ngang mga service crew eh 25 pesos per hour lang…ngek! ang layo!! … Read more

job hunting part 7: a summary

phew!!!! ang tagal ko nang di nakapag-blog ah!!! maybe because kontelang ang oras ko… and wala akong pera… hehe… di na kasi akonakakapag-free internet sa skul eh… kasi hindi pa akonakakapag-aral… mag-thi-third week na sa klase at eto ako ngayon… by the way, regular na pala ako!!! after submitting all myrequirements, the manager gave me … Read more

job hunting part 6: pissed!

NOTE: this happened on last friday… i’m so pissed! i was trying to open an atm account sa RCBC…. itokasi yung bangkong intended for this jollibee franchise… i was alsowondering where it was located too… since i don’t know the placehere… when i got there though, i was closed down…. banking hourswas from 9am-3pm… monday … Read more

job hunting part 5: pre-screening exam

DAY 1: first time kong gumising ng napaka-aga!!! well, maybe not myfirst time… sa cebu siguro oo… it was my first time since wemoved here… i woke up 4:30 in the morning…. usually i do mymorning wake mga 7:30 na… pero ngayon, kailangan ko na ng disiplinasa sarili… i have to report at 6:00 am… … Read more