Jungle Trek to Chemerung Waterfalls in Terengganu, Malaysia

I’m so glad to have finally participated in the jungle trek to the Chemerung Waterfalls in Terengganu, Malaysia. It was my last week at the Tanjong Jara Resort and this nature adventure was one of the activities I wanted to do right away.

I stayed in a five-star resort for two months, but I was able to reserve a slot during the last week since it was only then that my schedule was finally free.

Jungle Trek to Chemerung Waterfall
September 18, 2012

Hiking a Jungle to Chemerung Falls in Terengganu

rainforest malaysia
Jungle Trek adventure in Terengganu, Malaysia

chemerung waterfalls
Cemerung Waterfalls

I woke up feeling groggy because of not having enough sleep the previous day. Call time wasn’t early at 9:30am, but I still arrived a bit late. I left something back in the quarters and I had to grab it which resulted to my tardiness. A bit embarrassing too, since I was the only one the other guests were waiting for. Good thing everybody seemed to be in a good mood.

drive to chemerung waterfalls
driving to the base

We rode the resort vehicle heading to the starting point of our trek. It was a nice 45-minute drive seeing the rural life outside. I was with 6 other people who also wanted to experience a nature trekking adventure.

waterfalls trekking malaysia

Jungle Trek

Zul, our guide, briefed us on what to expect. The 800 first meters was an easy trek since concrete cement has already been paved for us. Already I was amazed to be in this rainforest. There were so many trees and all I could see was green.

jungle trek malaysia
going under

Along the way, there were a number of sights to fancy. Century-old trees, plants and small creatures – so thankful to have witnessed such spectacles.

chemerung waterfalls malaysia

dungun rainforest
All for show. I didn’t eat this critter, of course.

Some areas were a little dangerous that’s why you need to practice caution. Always listen to your guide and have a buddy system wherein you look out for each other. This is, after all, a jungle.

We also had to cross a hanging bridge one by one since the wood was already tilted to the side. Not a reassuring sight to have parts of yellow tape hanging on the sides of bridge, but Zul assured us that it’s safe.

bridge rainforest
hanging bridge

Sunscreen & Sweat

I was sweating hard and it felt great, but the feeling lasted only for a few seconds. I put too much sunscreen on my face that the chemical was already mixing with the sweat. The mixture trickled from my forehead and pierced my eyes. I hate it when this happens; much more when the sunscreen wasn’t really of much need since it was a cloudy day and the trees already acted as shade.

Even so, I’m just glad that it didn’t rain hard the previous days so the soil wasn’t that soft.

jungle trek malaysia

It is strongly advisable to wear a pair of hiking shoes since you’ll be climbing rocks and you might slip if your footwear doesn’t have good grip. In case you don’t have one, there’s a shop in town that sells cheap shoes (around 3 USD) that Zul recommends. I planned on buying one but Zul brought an extra pair that was left by another guest. I got lucky again. 🙂

shoes trek malaysia
the shoes made me look like I was in grade school, but darn do they have firm grip!

The trek lasted for about 1.5 hours. You can finish early depending on your group’s pace. I heard there were others who finished it in less than hour.

chemerung waterfalls
finally arrived

Chemerung Waterfall

The hike was totally worth it after seeing the falls! It took awhile for us to settle and wash ourselves off with the fresh water. It was great to connect with nature like this.

An exhilarating hike to the base of the gigantic 200 meter Chemerung Waterfall. A breathtaking view awaits at the end of this bracing trek as crystal waters cascade down the craggy mountainside to pool in clear basins of rock below. – Tanjong Jara Resort Activities

tanjong jara waterfalls
the Chemerong waterfalls, photo op on the side 🙂

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a waterfalls, but I would still push through even if there was no body of water to begin with. I like spending time outdoors. After a tiring hike, it was time for lunch.

Packed Lunch!

What I like best about the set-up is that the resort staff already prepares everything for you. You’ll be provided a bag containing 2 bottles of water and a canned soda. Packed lunch is also included. I’ve got my salad, a croissant, fried chicken, and a hard boiled egg. They even threw in a fruit or two. A satisfying picnic amidst a great backdrop!

snacks malaysia
I already ate the apple at the hanging bridge as I hadn’t had breakfast yet.

After lunch, we spent the remaining time taking a few more photos. We also cooled ourselves off by jumping into the natural pool. Totally refreshing I might say so!

chemerung waterfalls terengganu
natural pool

Ever since I started this long-term backpacking, I haven’t really gone out as much compared to when I was living in the Philippines. Although yes, I’ve been staying in different countries; but I also had to stay indoors and work harder; because if I didn’t work, then I wouldn’t have funds in order to survive. Hence, I was mostly stuck in one place. So imagine how happy I was to be in the resort where I also had access to these adventures!

waterfalls malaysia
my head, taking a break from doing headstands

Tanjong Jara Resort: Unmistakably Malay

Tanjong Jara Resort is a YTL Luxury Resort located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia which is built on a 17-hectare site facing the South China Sea.

For reservations, visit tanjongjararesort.com.
Like the YTL Page on Facebook: facebook.com/YTLHotels


For two months in my backpacking adventure, I worked in a restaurant in a five-star resort in Malaysia. Check out my other adventures in Tanjung Jara Resort here:

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26 thoughts on “Jungle Trek to Chemerung Waterfalls in Terengganu, Malaysia”

  1. Its alright if you stay indoors to work, its a different country still and unique vibe of the neighbors, street cafes and everything. Iba ren feeling pg jungle sa ibang bansa ciguro, different creatures and trees endemic to that particular country (Malaysia) ang makikita. Great adventure so far, what a long term backpacking ought to be.

    • @Marky: true that! that’s how I also try to look at things cause I can eat authentic street food in a different country. Iba yung feeling dito, haven’t seen so much greenery. Thanks marky! congrats as well sa new trips and free flights! 🙂

  2. Ay ano ba yan mas creepy pa sa headstand. hahaha! ang ganda ng falls. hindi ka makikipagsiksikan sa isang side para lang madamay sa patak ng tubig. hahah! Nalala ko yung crowded na Daranak Falls e. lol!
    Buti naman may mga ganyan din sa Malaysia. May feel ng Pinas pag may mga adventure trek e. Thank you nga pala sa greetings.

  3. hi ed, i have been reading and admiring your blog the past couple of months. (hihihihi) so i will try to do the same. scary ba if i try to travel alone? 
    still here in manila. holler me if you are here. Stay safe!

  4. The cascading waters of the waterfall is so gorgeous. It made me remember my first time to see a waterfall. I'm also wondering how you get funds to travel, yun pala you get to work there in Malaysia while doing a long backpacking adventure. I'm sure miss mo na ang Pinas…


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