Just another wasted event.

My brother and I attended a birthday treat of an officemate in Joven’s Grill in A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue. I didn’t have lunch and it was an Eat-all-you-can buffet dinner; suffice to say, the celebrant didn’t waste her money for my share. hehe. We headed off to El Kudeta, which is actually a newly constructed place in this part of town. The site was okay, not really for the typical high-profiles. Since the stores I saw were not really that expensive, which is actually a plus on my end. It had a row of barbecue stalls surrounding the big tent where the band was playing. The people I saw were mostly from the nearby barrios, maybe because of a town fiesta. We went somewhere more laidback after.

When the night is young, booze overflows. I’m not fond of drinking to get drunk, or I’m not fond of drinking at all; as well as going to bars. C’mmon, you can’t expect NOT to spend when you’re together with other twenty-something people and are planning to have fun in the middle of the night. Aside from rejection or the fear of being called a “cheapskate” or “KJ”, you’re mind is too loose to suppress any urge since you’re already intoxicated. I just don’t know why, it may have something to do with the thought of spending money wisely on more important things.

During early years of college (as if I’ve been in college long enough to get a degree), I’d always wonder when my classmates would put their hands inside their mouths and force themselves to puke what they’ve just eaten whenever they’re too wasted to even think. I’d question what the purpose of alcohol is when you’re just going to vomit everything afterward? That was then since I just realized I also had to do the same the other night when I was also too dizzy to think straight.


tequilla w/o the lemon & salt, mudslide, red horse, san migs

The things I put in my stomach, sheesh.

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5 thoughts on “Just another wasted event.”

  1. wow, comment uli. haha. bilis ah. hehe.
    star na ang tawag ko ngayon sa’yo! joke. haha.
    sige na, bilisan mo na ang blog. i’m eager to visit and comment! hehe

  2. nix: amaw man ka nuke. haha. lucky one ka jan. hehe.
    amia: ah ganun!. hehe. coincidence lang, or baka destiny. artista, artista. bwahahaha. ewan. lol 🙂


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