El Salvador

A couple of workmates and I went to El Salvador Beach Resort somewhere in Sabang, Danao City, Cebu. It was an unexpected trip since we didn’t really prepare where to go and what to do as well as the food to bring. We initially planned to go to another resort, however since I didn’t grow up here, I don’t care which beach so long as I could rest from a booze-filled night and get rid of the hangover.

We met at 9am and arrived there at 11:30-something. Good thing the rates were affordable,  I brought food along as well to lessen the expenses. Of course, I had to make use of the camera, hehe. The landscape and scenery covered up for the beach, which wasn’t that great. I’m even surprised at myself for not spending much time in the water! Probably because I drained myself from documenting the place. There were only 3 of us but we enjoyed each other’s company.




our food: lechon, puso (hanging rice), adobo, pansit, bread, and bananas 🙂






the restaurant




two chairs and a hut

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9 thoughts on “El Salvador”

  1. Can’t post in your shoutbox XD

    anyway, i’m using neither. haha. 😀 had to move, dami nakikialam e >:E

    hope i can visit that place since i’ll be tourin’ startin’ april 😀

    will link ya soon 😀

  2. aj: hi aj! sorry i just rode on my friend’s wheels to go there. but for the resort
    P150 – Entrance Fee (inclusive of the pool & the beach)
    P350 – Cottage Fee

    thanks for dropping by!

  3. If you are a filipino, don't ever go there!
    the attendants are only nice, polite, and friendly to foreigners and filipinas bringing foreigners with them.
    my family and i were just ignored by the staff, we waited for 50 minutes to an hour to get in our standard room.
    yet it only took 15 minutes for the foreigners to be accomodated. they came later than us, they had no reservation, and they just occupied the economy room. how stingy! 
    on the other hand, we reserved  a standard room 4 days ahead, we arrived much earlier than the foreign tourists but the attendants just passed us by like we were invisible.
    to sharon: you're right, this place sucks!

  4. kabati!  ngon ako fren, summer 2006 naa cla christian youth camp dha.
    nanglili sa usa ka staff nga lake sa mga babaye naligo sa bathroom.
    nakit-an nla sa bintana! ngee!


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