been missing in action lately, been goin’ through a lot the past few days. and for the first time in my life here, i said to myself: “i’m busy.” a bit more busy that i find it hard to blog even for a measely 30 minutes. no, i did not sell my body nor did i do . we’re trying to work things out with regards to making a living and more importantly, a life. so is this a good thing? good maybe coz we needed this, and since that it’s already in our hands, all we need is to act and do it. sacrifices i need to make are lesser sleep, and lesser hang-outs; that means lesser blogging time.
my stint in kfc’s soon going to be over. thank heavens for that. i needed the break. but the break i’m longing for is way far behind. coz after my contract expires, i’m going to help the family in the thing that we’re trying to accomplish, on why we were here in the first place…

by the way, haven’t told most of my blogmates about this: “i’m back to school.” i’m continuing what’s left of what my brain can comprehend. i was a late enrolee again, just some of the normal factors of my life. we’ve always been the kulelats when it comes to enrolment and admissions. ever since grade 4. it’s either one or two weeks after the official first day of classes that we get to enter school; but somehow, i always get to catch up on my lessons. ;p. that was before though. now that things seem a little bit more complex, nangangamot na ako sa mga subjects ko!. especially chemistry, it’s really hard coz you stopped school for a year, and you don’t remember the basics of balancing a chemical equation, or what H2S04 means; so you end up confused and the gana is lesser than usual.

one of the dreadful things is happening to me. im getting dumber!!! and i got no one to blame, not even my 3 alternating chemistry teachers in junior high [one was a librarian who just focuses on the book, the other who lets us kneel and pray to how many archangels before class, and the last who’s having a hard time handling us coz she was too nice (although i have no contempt on the 2nd and last aforementioned)]. anyway, like i said, im struggling to catch up on my lessons, ‘cept for the minor ones of course. calculus and analytic geometry are a bit fine, but chem’s got to be where i slept the most. damn brain.

by the way, forgot to tell that im only temporary enrolled here. coz i don’t have my previous school’s records and i haven’t settled all my obligations, yet. my father just talked to the vice president for academic affairs. they made a deal, that if we can’t finish them in the given line, my schooling will be considered null and void, and that i can’t enrol the succeeding semesters and so on… shocking???? probably if this kind of situation is new to you. still, it’s a problem which should also serve as a motivation to triple my efforts. so the breather i’ve been looking for may still be way far within my reach. looks like you’re not the only one big bro!

ed’s sked almost everyday

6am wake up and do my necessities
7am go to school
7:30am to 6pm attend school with minimal vacant periods in between (that’s where i try to squeeze blogging)
6pm go to work
7pm to 12mn work while not showing any signs of unconsciousness
12mn go home trying to avoid snatchers and the like
1am study a bit more and a little watching of television
1:30am sleep

the cycle goes on. that’s why i try to make the most out of my days-off. my father wants me to quit coz my body is close to looking like a zombie of one of those resident evil RPGs. seriously, it isn’t healthy. but it’s only 8 more days left. and i want to leave an impression that im going to finsh my 5-month contract. so in the process, i have to bear with the lack of sleep some more.


me: gud news!
amia: ano?
me: im back to school!
amia: naks
me: kaso pagod na pagod ako syado
amia: bakit?
me: —narrates the schedule—
amia: ba’t ang haba ng classes mo?
me: ewan, ganun kasi.
amia: ilan ba units na kinuha mo?
me: konte lang… 28.

i can simply imagine the vacation i’m anticipating. maybe i’ll change my blogname now to “edandhisbusydarkgreenlife”. nah just kidding. the fastlane is where we are moving right now. we may have changed lanes on some occasions, but we’re still happy that we’re still on the highway. lol.

am gonna stop now. does anyone have a kitkat?

posted Tuesday, 23 November 2004

amia made this comment,
aba, nasali na naman ako. hahaha. lahat ng tao busy. parang lagi naman eh.. hehehehe.
“we may have changed lanes on some occasions, but we’re still happy that we’re still in the highway. lol.”


comment added :: 23rd November 2004, 18:20 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
how’s a pre-made chocolate chip cookie sound? ;P ever tried “Reese’s Buttercups?” They’re to die for!


comment added :: 23rd November 2004, 20:57 GMT+08

nicole made this comment,
wow i feel like a bum kasi when 11 hits i’m asleep already lol i don’t have a kitkat right now but i do have some cough drops
take care and good luck!

comment added :: 24th November 2004, 00:48 GMT+08

CNBGirl made this comment,
28 units? naririnig ko pa lang, napapagod na ako… hehe. isang linggo na lang tapos na yan, goodluck!

comment added :: 24th November 2004, 07:32 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
tell me about it. my load is just 20 and its tiring na nga. yeah, ed, master of late enrolling. grabeh… ed, remember 4th year? was so scared you wouldnt enroll kasi kulang na kami ng officer sa CAT, kami na lang dalawa ni Miko. lol. but there you were, one fine day, across the field, the wind in your hair, [or cap] and galantly strolling to St. Luke. haha! good times, all too good times. anyway, know for a fact that you’ll make it. also, yes, pareha tayong walang alam sa Chemisty. lol. Ubag, Pis-an and whatshername… kneeling before the altar, praying for 30 minutes… no more time for class. hehehe. sigh. have to go, may class na rin ako! hehehe. and all the while, am in school, am thinking about my son, who is currently teething. dalawa pa. reply ka lang sa email ha… =)

comment added :: 24th November 2004, 10:30 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
amia: wala lang talagang magawa. lol
ravissant: that would be nice. and thanks! ill keep th buttercup in mind.;)

nicole: how’d you know that i need some drop coughs?? =)

cnb: yes! lapit na talaga!!!

nix: didn’t mind finding out what’s her name too. lol. serious na talaga tayo nic? or “seryus:? haha. ;p


comment added :: 25th November 2004, 11:33 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
tsk, idol sa kasipagan!
friday na naman, try to relax during the weekend. 😉


comment added :: 25th November 2004, 19:52 GMT+08

Shawty made this comment,
alam mo na na i have no idea how come i passed my 3rd year chem (na parati naman akong wala kasi super duper late na ako and pinapalabas ng teacher) at baka rin siguro ayaw ng chem teacher ko nung 1st sem na makita niya ako ulit kaya pinasa niya ako.. hay bullshit na chem!! whats with the fucking chemicals???
your blog was fuckin up on your last entry.. sorta hangs..

comment added :: 26th November 2004, 12:02 GMT+08

edandhisdarkgreenlife made this comment,
drei: walang tulugan! busy tayong lahat talaga! lol. i will, will, lapit na matapos contract ko!!!
shawty: maybe the fuckin computer just needs some fuckin repair. lol 🙂

comment added :: 26th November 2004, 17:50 GMT+08

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