Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly, Cebu

Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly infront of University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus USC-TC Talamban, Cebu I’m glad that I get to have classes in the Talamban Campus despite having most of my subjects in the Main Campus. What I usually like is that I get to eat really budget meals, good for students there. We … Read more

Busy busy again

Two weeks left before the semester ends! I don’t think I’ll be taking summer classes as I have a number of outside activities that are lined up for me that I want to pursue. Right now I’m just swamped with requirements in school that I don’t even want to think about because of too much … Read more

another week

It’s the start of another work and school week and somehow it’s taking its toll on me. I find it taxing that whenever I’m supposed to get everything sorted out, situations (unexpected ones at that) break them back into pieces. It will only be for awhile until I can get another break from the complications … Read more

Second Semester: 20 or so days

Second Semester What I like about the second semester is the number of classes that are available for students like me. It has a number ( a lot) of holidays (special and not) that you can’t help but just be amazed at how time flies by fast. It’s the 7th of January, minus the Sinulog festival, I … Read more

counting the hours left

till I go back to school, till I go back to work. It’s going to be another busy day,  a busy week. This will be for the next three months though. I still have some projects to make. I’ve been delaying it ever since I got this much-deserved break. Now I’m cramming for exams and … Read more

no class again

Pfffttt… 4:10pm I woke up one afternoon in order to get ready for class at 4:30. We were going to have an exam that’s why I hurriedly took a bath and wore some clothes and went out of the house. It was already 4:20pm and I even hired a taxi just so I could get there fast. … Read more

about school

Was glad that this week didn’t turn up as hell-ish as I assumed it would. I got a special project in Hist15 wherein I don’t have to submit a report about Family History (I’d have to trace my roots from at least 3 generations). I just have to present whatever I can with what I … Read more

a day in the life

After 10 years, I met some of my cousins again. Boy were they tall, the guy’s 6’2″, the girl’s 5’9″. They said that they’re younger siblings who’re in Davao are taller than them. shoot. They could’ve given us some of their height. Oh well, at least I was able to see them after a terribly … Read more


Hah, I’m exempted from wearing a uniform. Turns out that the policy is only applicable to 2nd year students and below, and my status right now will be an incoming irregular junior. Yes! In any case, at least I can still apply for an exemption since I’m also working. I was so relieved when my … Read more

estudyante blues

back to school. as usual, guess will always be till eternity, a late enrollee. didn’t know that it could be such a hassle. especially if there’re more than one campus to go to and fro for the processing of requirements. i’m still lucky for availing a schedule that a few people would actually drool over. … Read more


i wonder why i’m not so active a student i once was. i mean, i don’t care that much anymore if i don’t get to recite in class so long as the instructor knows that i exist to fairly give me more than a decent grade. take for example religion 10 class. by the way, it’s … Read more

chasing time

phew. so i was absent for awhile. hehe. been at home most of the time if i’m not working in the morning. one of the best news i got so far, i PASSED!!! the previous entry i exclaimed that i failed one of my major subjects last sem. well when i got my grades, i … Read more

breathing out

so mad at myself, took an exam from one of my major subjects and went all blank. much to my dismay, t’was the subject wherein i had the least grade overall. i already flunked in my class standing, plus the exam… arrgggh!!! the day i dread the most, failing. dunno what happened, i have lots … Read more


gonna have to do this fast. don’t have much time right now, with everything going on. last week of school’s almost up and i’ve never been this busy since… heck i don’t even have time to think of when! with requirements, exams and of course, finals. have to study. so embarassed of my class standing … Read more