kris-joey, smoking and dogs

hey what’s up with this kris-joey controversy? hello? of course i know
what’s up. they’re fighting… but i mean. there are more important
matters that our country needs to discuss than the relationship
between to showbiz-but-politics-related persons. (and i’m so patriotic
for saying that!) this is the arguement between two couples and so i
think we should just let them be… but it’s also hard to not care,
because it’s THE Miss Kris Aquino we’re talking about. i can’t blame
anyone for being intrigued by this issue so i guess everyone’s
forgiven for being nosy, (including me). and we all know that they’re
both losers… and we’re also losers for listening to this crap…

yesterday, i was all alone in the house we were renting. and what
happened was i smoked! this may not be so special to anyone but it was
my first time to finish one stick! big deal? for me?… yeah!!! aftyer
finishing it, i resulted to brushing my teeth twice and gargled a
solution of salt and water… i didn’t like the feeling of nicotine in
my mouth and lungs…. i still don’t know if what i really did was
smoking. according to what my friend explained, you have to inhale it
right… if anyone can tell me how to smoke, please… tell me. though
i’m not practicing to be a smoker, i just want to know how… i don’t
want to grow ignorant. as for sex, drugs, and the like… i have no
plans yet…

oh, yesterday also our dog died. his name is Buster. he was sick and
when we last checked on him, his eyes were wide open! goodbye buster
we will miss you… you can now join your sister Brownie in i don’t
know where… our dogs, by the way, are stray dogs we adopted when we
were in negros oriental. the 4th born, joshua who was then grade 5,
started playing with our neighbor’s dog… she bore puppies and since
our neighbor wasn’t capable of feeding 6 pups, we took them in our
care. that was the start of them being a part of our family. the only
problem is their food, for we don’t even have enough for ourselves…
but a good thing is that they are good guards. they provide us

posted Tuesday, 30 September 2003
A visitor made this comment,
hi dgboy! we also had askals and pusakals and felt bad pag may
namamatay. they’re much easier to care for. thanks for dropping by my
‘sinasapot’ na blog. yeah, it’s nice when people comment so i better
update it soon. 🙂

comment added :: 30th September 2003, 21:22 GMT+08

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