you’ve got mail

isn’t it nice receiving a message from someone you’ve been dying to
hear from since your last meeting (which was graduation day)?! it just
happened to me… today, i read a message from a special friend which
really completed my day!!! i read and read it countless times. all 2
kilobytes of it. you see, i’ve been longing of hearing from her
(especially to someone who hasn’t got any tool of communication except
for the internet)… and today my prayers were answered! i love the
net!!! reading those words where she missed me… hay!!!… i miss you
too. take care… hope to see you soon, whenever that is…

anyway, today, nothing’s new… oh yeah.. i really don’t like my
english1 teacher. she discusses topics which are way out of her field.
would you believe that our midterm exam was just a piece of paper that
contained unfinished lyrics of a song? the title was I Believe I Can
Fly… we were told to just fill in the blanks with the missing words
while the song was being played. how bizarre can you get? i’m not
complaining that i don’t like the test. it’s just that… what kind of
students are she trying to teach? and how does she expect students to
learn if all she does is act like a guidance counselor? hello? this
isn’t a recollection.

can anyone please tell me what’s the problem with this blog of mine? i
find it a bit frustrating coz when i finally have a spare time in the
computer lab, i sometimes get an error from loading this page…
people please tell me whats’ wrong with this system?

and also thanks to the people who dropped by my blogs and left some
comments! particularly mirage, manofmars, cadburry, eryn and
crunchies. thanks a lot guys!

posted Tuesday, 30 September 2003

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