Leaving Bangkok

Two days. I have two more days before I travel to another destination, Indonesia. I haven’t figured what I’m going to do there. For sure, I want to hit the beach and relax!

Bangkok MRT

It’s funny because I never got to explore other areas of Bangkok when I’ve been here for more than a month already. Even the usual places such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha), the Floating Market, etc. I haven’t checked them out. I can run so many excuses like being so busy with work and all my other online commitments but that won’t do me any good. Still, these places haven’t enticed me as much and I’ll visit them some other time.

Terminal 21 Bangkok
Terminal 21 – being a mallrat

I’m mostly just within the city and going to coffee shops and malls to go online and continue my work opportunities. Ha, this doesn’t sound very exciting at all.

I miss Siem Reap, I miss biking in that city and I miss the convenience of sleeping any time I want to. But I’ve become busy and I need to double my efforts so I can reap my benefits afterwards.

biking siem reap

I’m craving to go on a great vacation of water, sun, and sand; and even if there are many flights to Phuket, I won’t be travelling to Southern Thailand anytime soon. I’ll be in Bali and I want this to be a retreat more than anything else. I need to hit the beach as I’m getting crazy because I’m stuck in the city!

bored again

Even if I won’t be spending the days in the best beach hotels, I know this is still going to be a great vacation. I just need to check the weather forecasts though. I also need to review other blogs written by other travel bloggers who’ve been to the place.

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