Malapascua Island: A Silent Killer

Malapascua, you’re silent killer.

I heard so much about you. How travellers describe your beauty without comparison. How a smile was the only response I received from people I asked about what you could offer. It was a rough ride before I reached you. Countless times when trips were postponed without reason. But when I finally met you, you were calm and unassuming. Little did I know that you were deadly beneath the meekness.

First Sight of Malapascua

For a guy who’s constantly working day in and day out, you couldn’t have come at a better time. It was a cold December and it was warm enough to make me feel at ease. I swam in your waters and jumped from your cliff. I dove into the deep and cruised along your shores. You shared so many faces in different times of the day. However, only during the later part did you show your real colors.

malapascua island cebu
Malapascua Island – calm and secluded

malapascua boat
Beach in Malapascua

Amidst laughs and smiles with companions, you wanted to slap me in the face to make me realize what I’ve been missing. I bury fleeting thoughts in order to conceal the condition of actuality; that I’m not sure of what’s to come but still keep a sappy face intact in order to cover the hopeless truth.

There was no rain needed to make me feel how harsh and cold the weather was at night. But I’m just exaggerating things. The weather was neither harsh nor cold; you just needed another soul to fill the emptiness within.

malapascua nights
The night is cold and body needs a different kind of warmth.

When the lights dimmed and I could see none but fire, another desire burned from within.

Night turned into dawn when I remembered that I needed to work. I brought out my notes to bring me back to reality. But it was cut short as lights were only a luxury given to people you’ve shown mercy.

malapascua color
Orange and Plum.

I stepped out and the light revealed another shade. Orange and plum; my eyes were at ease despite the lack of rest. I lay on the sand and witnessed how you painted the sky and filled it with enough hue to keep my mind at peace. The sea breeze and the calm waves served as a sweet lullaby. It was almost perfect.

malapascua sun
Waiting for the sun to rise.

Malapascua, in your sanctuary, life was simple and life was slow. How you’ve captivated me even for a short stay. I never thought I’d stop and pause but you forced me so. I know I can be stubborn at times. Seldom do I show my weaknesses but with you, I can only surrender.

Everything seemed alright; but who am I to fool myself? You already noticed when I first stepped foot on you. I was in denial. I didn’t need anybody. I thought I was ice but you made me melt.

Sunrise in Malapascua

Modest as you were, you pierced my skin and broke down my walls. I stared at your masterpiece for hours and realized that you were trying to tell me something.

All the while you wanted me to carry a hand to hold and a head to rest on my shoulders.
All the while you were telling to me go out and get somebody and take her with me to experience your charm.

yellow flower
yellow flower

Next time, I’ll have someone by my side to stare at your horizon. No need for words and conversations. You know how to tug emotions and I’m counting on that to unify our feelings.

If that were to happen, I won’t even care if the bus will take longer to reach you. The ride itself will already be a destination. I’ll take her with me, so she can experience the beauty you made me see.

malapascua sand
Next time, there will be two.

You taught me to jump off a cliff and it was all fun and games. But beneath those smiles and laughs, you knew what my heart was longing for. No other adventure could cover up for my needs. I try to hide and I even deny it, but you were far too knowledgeable to understand what I’ve been missing all along. Call it tough love but I had to learn it the hard way.

Malapascua, you kill me and yet I’m still alive. I know you can’t bring me back to that cold December; we all have to keep moving forward. But I beg you not to give up. Wait for me and I’ll return. When I do, I’ll introduce her to you.

Malapascua is 4 hours North of Cebu City. Here’s how you can get there: How To Get to Malapascua





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57 thoughts on “Malapascua Island: A Silent Killer”

  1. Dear Ed,
    The place is indeed nice. Its like a breathe of fresh air compared to other beaches that are already cramped with tourists. How much did you spend for the trip? Thanks.

  2. Keso nga rin ed; love the line: "I thought I was ice but you made me melt." Haha. Romance na romance talaga ang theme ng month na to ah. ^_^ You've made me so curious about Malapascua though. Now I wish I can go and pay respect to her charms!

  3. @mica: happy vday din! thanks. it’s the season and it’s because of PTB!

    @lakwatsera de primera: haha. in due time, I’ll be able to write about that entry. 😀

    @monette: it was a beautiful display of colors when i visited the place. You should 

    @AJ MNL: hi AJ, can't really recall. I think around 2000. there were 4 of us, we spent more on the room for an overnight's stay. 😀

    @aleah: keso? sinabi mo pa! haha. I seldom open up but the PTB Blog Carnival really made me do it.

  4. Oh torture…I was reading this entry with ALL BY MYSELF background music being played in our penthouse's pipe in music.
    …and then followed by the song BABY of Justin Bieber was played.
    Ohowohowowow…ohowohowowowow…Baby baby Oh. Oh, this entry is LOVE.
    Malapascua was first introduced to me when a friend posted some of her photos in FB. Then, I read things I wanted to know about Malapascua on the Lonely Planet magazine issue last year.
    And reading something this heartfelt, oh wow, I MUST go to Malapascua. I'll be in Cebu this second week of March. Hope, we can plot our side trip in Malapascua.
    Great entry. Genius photos too, those are like beautiful paintings.

  5. @cedric: I've a number of shots with the fisherman on the background :D. you should go to Malapascua and feel the serene atmosphere there!

    @Rizalenio: lol. bat nagkaroon ng ALL BY MYSELF dun? hehe. Laslas mode ba toh? hehe. Funny thing cause I was first introduced to Malapascua in Multiply. ganda ng photos and the people in the photos seemed really contented and happy that they were there. thanks! 😀

  6. @Steve: just the words that could describe the place! You should check it out! I've a few more sunrise shots of the sun. Can't wait to be back!

    @chyng: I blame the PTB Blog Carnival! haha. Really, it's also hard for me to imagine opening up like this in this blog. I don't normally share too many emotions but the group made me do it. haha

    @james: dapat dalawa na talaga next time. pinepressure ba ang sarili na makadala ng iba para makabalik uli? hehe. thanks james!

    @will: thanks will! appreciate it!

    @pusang-kalye: haha thanks. wasn't able to sleep well due to this entry. lol. yeah same sizes. pero still unsure which particular size im going to follow. we'll see. hehe

  7. bai, very very nice this line – When the lights dimmed and I could see none but fire, another desire burned from within. Kung sakin Nueva Valencia, Guimaras sayo Malapascua, Cebu! Sana makita at makilala ko rin girlfriend mo! he he

  8. awww! i fell in love with this post Ed! 🙂 Para ba sa kanya to? hehe Ikaw kase eh, wala kang ginawa lumayo tuloy! haha ;p
    I've always wanted to go to Malaspascua, kaya nga super ecstatic ako nung pinakita mu mga raw shots neto, sa VBS, maganda tlga xa. asar! dapat yan target ko this weekend kase malapet din pala xa sa Carcar where my Tito is a priest. hayst!  Mapupuntahan ko din yan nxt time, baka nga makasalubong pa kita ksama mu xa. 😉
    seriously Ed, LOVE will come at the right place and at the right time, and that moment will be perfect! 🙂 i'll see you soon! 

  9. @pinoy boy: thanks a lot! nameet ko na gf mo. drop by malapascua one of these days!

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: thanks gael, drama kasi ang theme natin this month! 😀 you should definitely go to Malapascua as I prefer it over Bantayan. 😀 see you soon!

  10. hi partner and I will to to Cebu mga around August, nagtitingin tingin na ako ng mga places na mapupuntahan… and Malapascua Island is amazingly beautiful… Can I know ur Itenerary there? I mean how can I go there from Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City.. do u still remember your expenses?
    Thank you very much!! 🙂

  11. No wonder – beautiful is the right word. Beautiful narrative and beautiful photos. I felt like you were writing about a person, not a place. At may pagka-sexy pa ("the night is cold and body needs a different kind of warmth" – panalo!).

  12. I agree with them.. na ma-keso ka nga.. hahah! hey! take it as a compliment though.. I admit, I was moved. Ang romantic nga nung lugar na yun. Aliw yung silhouette na shot.. I'll stay tuned kung magiging dalawa yun. haha! pressure?
    Anyway, ma-OA ako pero I don't think makakagawa ako ng ganyang kagandang composition. Torture. Kung hindi ako manosebleed, internal bleeding ang aabutin ko. hahah! Kailangan ko ng matinding pag iinternalize na mag isa nga talaga ako sa isang lugar na romantic. Or maybe I can if I'm going to pursue my solo trip next month. Please do me a favor.. pray for me.. na maging ok ako kahit mag isa. First time ko kasi e. hay naku naman! ang inggitera ko kasi sa inyo.
    thanks for sharing this. Very inspiring…

  13. @kura: haha. at least we have an excuse kasi february toh ginawa. haha.  no pressure lang 😀 Feeling ko makakagawa ka rin nito at some point. 🙂 Wow, solo trip na! good luck on your trip and take care of yourself! hope to hear that story soon! I'm sure it will be very reflective. It's different to travel with a group and to travel solo. both have different effects but definitely pag first time, it will be memorable. 😀

  14. This is definitely your most beautiful posts! I feel like reading a romantic poetry about Malapascua and it effectively put me in a romantic mood. Beautiful and romantic post, I love your style of writing here and choice of word. No wonder you choose this as the most beautiful post because its not just about the romantic Malapascua but its also about LOVE.

  15. ambabaw ko ah, i thought about bug bites in the beginning and I wondered all throughout hanggang matapos ko basahin..  (laughs at myself) this is something I didn't expect from reading the title. very nice.

  16. @kura: hahaha. ok na rin yan. wow. ngayon pa ako nakapagreply, natapos na ang solo trip mo. congrats again! 😀

    @ian: hi ian, thanks for the kind words! 😀

    @miranda: thanks miranda! 😀

    @dee: hahaha, bug bites. pwede din noh? hehehe, thanks!

    @brenna: iba talaga brenna ha? hehe. lapit na December! 😀

  17. been here finally =)
    this post was one of my major inspirations to visit the place and so i did it! yay! ^^
    we stayed at Bounty Beach Resort. There were 9 of us and we had a beachfront room for only 300php each =)
    keep blogging and travelling ed 😉

  18. i've always been a follower of your blog and this one is just soooo makes me experience how malapascua would kill me 🙂

  19. i'm so blessed to see your blog today. very inspiring specially your TIPS!
    travelling is my passion and my stress reliever.. i can relate on some of your posts due to some similarities though i'm not a blogger!
    thanks, your blog made my day.. 🙂
    i'm a blog fan but its my first time to spend time to post a comment !
    keep it up! 

  20. @caieomeansfire: thanks for reading this emo post! don't let malapascua kill you though! 😀

    @einebelle: thanks for spending time to comment! I appreciate you reading this blog! hope you find what you're looking for! 😀

  21. hi  i hope and i wiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh that my bf is much like you who wants to travel and go to wonderful places specially here in our country. I'm just so amazed by people like you to be specific guys who wants and love to travel to see wonderful places good job!

  22. yeah i guess a little nudge may help…:D well i told him to visit your blog  ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha for him to know why i am being so "makulit" on him to travel.. i told him i can travel alone if he doesn't want to come lol! thanks by the way 😀 goodluck on your future trips 😀  well i hope we can join you on your trip someday 🙂

  23. "Next time, I'll have someone by my side to stare at your horizon. No need for words and conversations. You know how to tug emotions and I’m counting on that to unify our feelings.
    If that were to happen, I won't even care if the bus will take longer to reach you. The ride itself will already be a destination. I'll take her with me, so she can experience the beauty you made me see."
    — I super love this lines! I wish when i have my "someone" mapuntahan namin ito! craving for this place! thanks to your blog! 🙂

  24. haha… lovely article… sure one day u'll find dat hand that will hold urs… as what u promised to this island 🙂 goodluck. looking forward for more travel blogs.

  25. wow great write-up indeed. I wonder if it's really true, I know someone who has been there and said the same thing. I have to prove it myself this June 🙂
    this place, reminds me of her.

    great choice or words, very very captivating 🙂


  26. i was searching a trip from Bantayan to Malapascua and i am glad it took me on this nice blog! nainlab naman kagad ako sa blog mo… i will be looking forward to seeing more places…i also wanted to travel solo… you.. traveling to thailand-cambodia-vietnam for 5 days? kaya kaya?hmmm just wondering..

    • thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂 kaya lang yung Indochina trip in 5 days but better if longer para di parating rushed. otherwise, try doing two countries lang muna kasi sayang ang travel time kung ilang hours lang sa isang country.


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