Runnr store in Ayala Cebu

Ayala Center, Cebu

One Saturday, we passed by the Runnr store as my friend was planning to buy some rubber shoes in her aim to shed off some extra pounds and stay fit.

I’ve also been meaning to get some running shoes for myself; though I know the ‘running’ part should be given more attention rather than the shoes. I’d like to stay fit to balance the stress that I’ve been experiencing because of handling two jobs plus having this blogging on the side. I’m not yet in school and yet I don’t have that much time to sleep. I know that I just need that extra push to hit the gym again but somehow I’ve been delaying it until I get pushed further. hehe

Runnr in Ayala Center Cebu

While checking out the shoes in that Runnr shop, an attendant introduced himself (forgot his name) and asked if I wanted to have my gait tested – didn’t understand what he was saying but still agreed to the offer. Only when he told me in basic terms did I see what he meant. We wanted to see how I run so that I would know which category I belong.

yes those are my legs on the monitor.

I was tasked to go barefoot which wasn’t that hard since I was wearing slippers. I folded my pants upward and stepped on the treadmill. I thought I would be given a device to wear on if I were a guinea pig for a Dr. Evil experiment (I know, corny) but a video was actually shown on the monitor of my feet in motion when I started to run.

DSC06521 DSC06522 
thermal feet. run Ed, run.

It was assessed that I was a heel-striker which is pretty obvious when you see my current work shoes as the heels are the usual spots where the soles are scraped off. According to the video analysis, I was advised to buy running shoes for Stability and I was also informed to buy Arch-type running shoes in order to maximize the motion as well as prevent injuries.

This is good because this is the type of awareness that people should understand. It may not take effect right now, but in the long run, it will be beneficial for the person to understand what would work best for him/her.

DSC06532 DSC06531
so many running shoes, so little time

I didn’t buy anything as I didn’t have the budget but it did provide me the knowledge when I scout for some good finds. Go to the Runnr store in Ayala Center so you can have a video gait analysis – and they’ll teach you what it means too.

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