Matukad Island in Caramoan

Matukad Island in the Caramoan peninsula is one of the places we dropped by for our island-hopping adventure in Camarines Sur.

This is actually the first island that we visited and we didn’t really expect much. There were a lot of tourists who traveled to this part of the country as the attractions were really well-marketed. With the Camsur Watersports Complex and the islands that were featured in various travel shows and internet blogs.

camarines sur
water splashing

We rode a small boat and we were in awe at the beautiful rock formations that passed by before we headed to the island. If the boat were bigger, I wanted to ask them to stop the motor so we could jump off and dive into the waters. It reminded me of the pictures that we see in Palawan – and I have yet to conquer the place.

giant rocks are aplenty in the Caramoan peninsula

camarines sur matukad
boats and other tourists

We were told that filming was going on of a Survivor series franchise (I think it was Survivor Bulgaria) and there were islands that were off-limits at the time. Matukad wasn’t one of them.

 camsur matukad caramoan

I remember we were able to meet new acquaintances who also checked the Caramoan islands. They were two groups from Manila who also visited Camsur to see the wonders of this destination.They advised us to check out the Camsur Watersports Complex in Naga as they really had a great time wakeboarding.

matukad island rock
climbing rocks

matukad island camarines
view from the top

We climbed some rocks without really thinking about the consequences and the danger it brought but we got down safely enough. hehe. The water was okay, I guess. It was the fun of seeing another destination that I only saw on television or in pictures is what made me happy.

matukad camsur
sand and rocks

matukad island
Matukad Island

More pictures here: soloflightEd goes to Matukad Island

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