me foist entry

sometimes life sucks… this is the my first entry to connect with the
real world… now what do i have to say??? nothing!!! oh well… maybe
just for the moment… oh yeah! i just turned 17!!! last sept.9 horray
for mwah!!! crap! i’m in deep shit!!! and i mean matters regarding
finances.. i’m not just one of those rich kids who can spend money
whenever I want to… actually, we’re even having trouble just to put
something on the table!!! yup! that’s how hard our life is… now you
ask why i have time typing this entry of mine? simple. i’m using the
computer laboratory in school… in other words… it’s free….

anyway… just as i have stated… life sucks.. sometimes i wish that
our world would be free of money… but i know that it’s impossible…
it’s the nature of balance as they say… where there’s richness..
there’s also poverty… and so on. well life wasn’t always like
this… there were times when we could spend some more for leisure…
that was long ago though… and i think what’s happening to us is
sort of a karma, of the abuse that took place before..

well i can’t dwell on the problem forever… just gotta hope, pray and
do something for my life… our lives to change… hopefully, for the
better. my life isn’t normal, so i guess i’m not so boring after all.

posted Thursday, 25 September 2003
A visitor made this comment,
by any chance you’re in a laboratory in DEEE, UP Diliman? =)

comment added :: 25th September 2003, 11:20 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
Congratulations on your first entry.

comment added :: 25th September 2003, 16:17 GMT+08

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