let your small brain, eyes and fingers do the talking

Still trying to transfer the pictures from Dumaguete. But I just had to get out of the house again so I visited the office and did some work. I know I have to finish some projects such as my Hist17 one. I’m tired of making a scrapbook but I have to deal with it. Bummer. … Read more

night diff

—-nmCause it’s all just the same at the end of the day We’re throwing it all away what’s up? –> i should be the one telling you that. whatever actually happened to me? i wasn’t able to taste the web for a while. it came to a point where i could no longer go and … Read more

in a rut

Here I am stuck in a rut again Just me, a blanket, a memory and a pen I should probably go outside and find a place to play But it’s not the same when you’re fifteen hours away So I’ll sit here a while and write a song But it feels all wrong i admit … Read more


stop before it strikes. emotions distressed, indifference practiced. no sentiments nor reactions. stillness maintained to devoid myself. this is just a phase, calm yourself, get up. you are no sun. fucking reality. when will nostalgia silence me? the drama of life, it’s all BS. i think i’ve used up all my breaks and vacations and … Read more


having a hard time right now, with school stuffs and family work. got my midterm grades already, and unlike before, i better keep them to myself, only decent grade i got is in english. damn. been browsing thru the net, and configuring my yahoo account. all boring. am bored.so i gotta finish some requirements. reaction … Read more

to be numb

a little busy right now, with all the things going on. the first minute you’re finishing your school records (excluding yours) which you did successfully that in turn, sacrificed a day of class (and major subjects for that matter); the next minute you’re talking to a special friend about what’s happening in your everyday lives … Read more

nothing abnormal

been thinking of something to blog about, but my mind always shiftsfrom one topic to another… and i can’t decide… so maybe i’ll tellyou how my day went through… woke up at 8:00 am… after doing my morning necessities, i went towork, going to work is a 1 hour bumpy and dusty ride, so it’s … Read more

long day

yesterday, we transferred to another location here… for the nthtime!!! about 10 or 12 kilometers from work…. (shit!)…. finishedunloading the stuffs yesterday, with still a lot to be arranged. today.. woke up at 4:30 am… i had to be early for work since theride is a little longer. i also paid 10 pesos fot the … Read more

date… less…

hi everyone! it’s valentines day! and what better day it is than to spend with thisbusted computer in this rusty place! hehe… anyway, i’m here… allalone… wishing that a ‘someone’ would reply as soon as possible… well, been busy aand sick trying to do my daily routine… buti nalang rin restday ko ngayon! 14 na … Read more


People change. I am in our room, thinking. Wonderingdifferent things and reminiscing the past. My 4th year term has ended.Or in act, High School life is over. Finish. Done. Certain “what-ifs”enter into my crazy mind. Like “what if I didn’t do this on aparticular situation” or “what if I did that on another”. But then, … Read more

me foist entry

sometimes life sucks… this is the my first entry to connect with thereal world… now what do i have to say??? nothing!!! oh well… maybejust for the moment… oh yeah! i just turned 17!!! last sept.9 horrayfor mwah!!! crap! i’m in deep shit!!! and i mean matters regardingfinances.. i’m not just one of those rich … Read more