having a hard time right now, with school stuffs and family work. got
my midterm grades already, and unlike before, i better keep them to
myself, only decent grade i got is in english. damn. been browsing
thru the net, and configuring my yahoo account. all boring. am i gotta finish some requirements. reaction papers, projects,
reports and the like; not to mention practicing ‘cha-cha-cha’ for PE.
nothing new, same things that you’d got through in a student life.
pressure. from peers too.


i seem to be turning into a sleepyhead. everytime i have philosophy
class, i try to sleep as much as i want to with my lab gown serving as
my pillow. you can’t blame me. i find my teacher boring, plus room’s
airconditioned and i sit at the back.


im starting to make some friends here but not really the kind you’d go
to their house and get introduced by their parents or so. but still,
it’s a start. i mean, where will it lead right? had pep talks and
tagay sessions. i’m having red marks again… and one of them told me
not to eat taho or anything that has protein after drinking, or else
i’ll have allergies after.


got a message from my close friends, and i must type this down. they
seem to have one thing in common when i talk to them.

“ed, do you know we can only hang out if you’re here???”

though it wasn’t all of them who said this, it seems ironic how one
can be so near and yet still be so far. never knew that i’m the only
link that binds the chain. but still it’s weird. oh yes, they see each
other, but not too often, only to the point of saying hello with a few
chitchats. and i wonder if i’ll be like that if i’m with them. maybe
this is the reason why i also am separated. to have at least something
to look forward to not only for myself, but for the whole troop as
well. the gang being together.


my grandmother and aunt will be spending the week with us. haven’t
seen them for some time. at last, a family member visiting. they’re
neat freaks, so we had a lot of arranging and cleaning up to do. i
mean, we do clean-ups, but not really to the point of destroying our
abode. we’re all guys ‘cept for my mom, so you can imagine the hassle
it takes for us to do our necessities, especially the laundry. it’s
the least chore i like, and it’s all entrusted to me when my mom can’t
do it. even if there’s the reliable washing machine. it’s still a
bore, hate the denims in particular.

the house has a lot of damages, maybe that’s why the owner’s
compensating by being nice to us. but it’s better to have a bad house
but a nice landlord than otherwise. just that sometimes i cringe at
the thought of all the expenses that amounted for repair. much more
when you’re only renting. i guess it’s the price.

so it’s hell week in school, everyone’s busy; for sure. got only at
least 4 weeks left till summer. oh well, going to have take some
classes then, badly, too. i mean, this is only a five year course. and
it won’t be till two-thousand-what till i can graduate.

posted Monday, 21 February 2005

A visitor made this comment,
ces’t la vie Ed. Good to know that you are doin well in copin up with
its intricacies. =)
Luck and prayers my friend! =)


comment added :: 22nd February 2005, 02:29 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
ah grabe, toxic nga ngayon. dami ko ring ginagawa. may bago pakong
pinagkakakitaan kaya dun din napupunta time ko. tapos babad pako lagi
sa araw. pero ok lang, kelangan e.
goodluck! lapit na summer! 🙂


comment added :: 22nd February 2005, 10:37 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
ahhh, we all do suffer….but we got someone to hold on to.. he’s just
God bless…..


comment added :: 22nd February 2005, 11:55 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
and people wonder why i am on hiatus. yep, it really is hell week in
school. serious na tayo eh. =)
“the link that binds the chain…” -> yep, you are… so, so, and so.


comment added :: 22nd February 2005, 13:37 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
hang in there ed 😀 lapit na lang summer so konting tiis na lang
take care!

comment added :: 23rd February 2005, 07:40 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
just droppin’ by..who knows God works in wonderful ways..maybe a close
fren will be with u!! for long time:)

comment added :: 23rd February 2005, 18:06 GMT+08
Shawty made this comment,
so youd been trying to increase your alcohol tolerance huh… wala
green boy with redmarks gihapon ka hahahahaha…
school sucks.

comment added :: 23rd February 2005, 23:09 GMT+08
ravissant made this comment,
hahaha! “general cleaning” rin pala kayo! I remember when we were
little our old maid aunt comes home from Mindanao we make sure we make
our house spotless. she’s very keen when it comes to cleaning. 🙂

comment added :: 24th February 2005, 07:11 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
konting araw na lang, tapos na ang school pressure na yan. goodluck! 😉

comment added :: 26th February 2005, 09:35 GMT+08
coleen made this comment,
be thankful for sem breaks / summer breaks…once you work there won’t
be any break at all.

comment added :: 8th March 2005, 17:42 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
busy as a bee, eh. but that’s alright than doing nothing at all. 🙂

comment added :: 8th March 2005, 22:00 GMT+08

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