moved out

waking up at 7 am, father told us we’re moving out… AGAIN.
no problem for me, had work at three (tell me that didn’t rhyme); or
so i thought. he called and had me scheduled off-duty for the next two
days. hence, i get to help in carrying heavy loads: from chairs to the
washing machine, from our clothes to our father’s tools and working
materials, from our mattresses to our pet-dog j.lo (that’s her name,
don’t ask). just great, i’ll have soring muscles as the after-effects.

first day, we packed our things, tried to clean the house we rented.
had a date at the bathroom with scotch brite, muriatic acid and the
ever-reliable plastic bristles. looked like a local bandit when
covering my nose and mouth in the process, but the scent still
illuminated and went through. no time to get queasy. brothers were
doing their parts of the deal. this we did, while watching King Arthur
in the course. very entertaining when considered at another glance.
(yeah right, and cleaning binladen’s ass is a lot less dreadful).

oh well, went looking for a place, another location here to sustain us
until the next departure. daniel (the 2nd eldest) and i were at the
back of the multicab my father borrowed from a pastor while the
weather surpassingly shifted from sunny to rainy and vice versa.
getting wet and got burned out, still at the back of the multicab,
sitting ducks till we found a good location.

this went on till 5 in the afternoon. parading along the streets with
my frowsy hair, result of not taking a shower before (why should i?)
and smelled like sweat, added by the freshness of the air, the wind
incorporated with the dust and smoke excreted by nearby vehicles and
natural pollutants. 10 whole hours of utmost anxiety and butt
suffering from sitting too long on the ride’s edges (talk about road

the space between made me realize how tolerably complicated our life
is. we’ve only moved residences what? this being the 6th. not to
mention that it’s only been a year and a quarter since we’ve been here
in cebu (is there a guinness representative out there?). changing
places is not a new thing for us anymore. the feeling is numb. we’re
kinda used to it already. just that i’m really mad. not because i’m
fed up. not because of always adjusting, but (speaking in shallowness)
i just hate carrying our things. i hate assembling and preparing
again. only to find out that it’s always a temporary affair. (well,
whoever said that life isn’t?). sigh.

daniel and i talked about same old, same old: life in highschool (why
i looked so stupid playing basketball with no ball, COCS training,
self-explanatory), life in stella maris (our school in davao which
both of us had something in common, we love that school), math (on
who’s better), girls (who’s prettier: gale or samantha), and sibling
rivalry. all the miscellaneous topics that kept us sane for the time
being (in other words, nonsense talk).

ALAS! we found a suitable (well, not really) abode we get to call home
for the next few months, wonder how long we’ll last in here though. i
swear i’ll reward myself with a nice hot bath afterwards. just what i
need. i can feel the water trickling already. better start packing.

posted Friday, 8 October 2004

amia made this comment,
the last time we moved was like 11 years ago? i was always excited
when we move from one place to another lol. probably coz i like
meeting new people.

comment added :: 8th October 2004, 19:49 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
moving (especially packing) sucks! i’ve been switching apartments
every year and this year i’ve decided to stay put kakapagod na talaga!
good luck! and take care have good weekend

comment added :: 9th October 2004, 04:20 GMT+08
Nix made this comment,
ed, again? dang!
-the ups and downs of tones is what makes the song sound beautiful..

comment added :: 9th October 2004, 10:16 GMT+08
CNBGirl made this comment,
i’ve lived in the same house all my life… 😉

comment added :: 9th October 2004, 15:17 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
now that’s one thing i haven’t experienced yet. pero gusto ko nang
umalis dito sa bahay to have my own place. pero tagal pa cyempre. 🙂

comment added :: 9th October 2004, 18:13 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
good luck ed!
gotta laugh at this one, lol….
“just that i’m really mad. not because i’m fed up. not because of
always adjusting, but (speaking in shallowness) i just hate carrying
our things. i hate assembling and preparing again. only to find out
that it’s always a temporary affair. (well, whoever said that life
isn’t?). sigh.”


comment added :: 11th October 2004, 12:55 GMT+08
Shawty made this comment,
what i hate about moving out is packing and unpacking!!!
boy i miss our old school.. thats one thing me and my brother have in
common hehehe

comment added :: 11th October 2004, 16:01 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
moving is so stressful. have done it many times in college. =D
just yesterday, my ex-housemates in college just moved to a better
place. dun ako sasama kung sakali babalik ako ng manila.


comment added :: 11th October 2004, 19:51 GMT+08
A visitor made this comment,
amia: me? i grew tired of it. although it’s true that i’ve met a lot
of new people. problem is also the act of leaving old friends.
nicole: yeah, packing sucks!

nix: read: yes. hehe… change ko na music.

cnb: wow, buti ka pa… pero sometimes you also want change. ayoko
lang yung sa situation namin. sobra na yung mga changes na nagaganap
sa paglilipat.. hehe

sedricke: ah independence. same here. matagal pa rin.

paul: kuya! hehe.. yeah, the adjusting i can do well, the packing up
and carrying, big no-no. lol.

shawty: u said it!

drei: bai! yan palang word ang hinahanap ko, stressful. sheesh. hehe..


comment added :: 11th October 2004, 20:58 GMT+08

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  1. we, too, move a lot of times… we stay in a place for like a year and more months and move to another and then to another…. that makes me having no bff at all… and my hatest part is, the loading and unloading of cargoes; huge and wooden closets , big, big beds and all that kinds of biggies…haha!


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