first were the plates, next were the plastic glasses, now, lids of stainless containers? i don’t know what’s wrong, but i’m starting to have his fear of falling utensils. everytime i get to wash the dishes and other tools in our store, you can expect a loud bang! from me.

anyway, got this from ogrish.com. if you can’t stand the sight of your own blood, then i strongly suggest you NOT to watch it. but it’ll take the fun of knowing what’s inside right? to save the trouble (if you really don’t wanna look), it’s about an american hostage that was beheaded by al-Qaida-linked kidnappers. the video’s a bit blurry, which is a good thing. coz after watching it, i didn’t want to eat for a few moments. not a pretty scene. and excuse me if you’re eating or you just had eaten. by the way, heard about this from my co-workers to break the monotony of our daily operations…

warning: not for the squeamish or for those who’ll blame me if they’ll have nightmares during the night.

note: the link will not direct you to the video itself, but a page with a brief summary of the footage. just click the “Download Video Here”.

American Hostage Jack Hensley Beheading Video

God bless the poor man’s soul.

posted Sunday, 3 October 2004

coleen made this comment,
i will not even attempt!

comment added :: 4th October 2004, 11:28 GMT+08
Nix made this comment,
when i read your entry, i was really curious so i clicked the button and downloaded it, as the download task bar was nearing completion, so was my courage turning into fear, only saw a few moments into it and all courage was drained from me, i closed it. ewwww!

comment added :: 4th October 2004, 12:07 GMT+08
nicole made this comment,
i’m not even going to attempt opening it *shudder* thansk for putting a warning or else baka di ako makatulog mamaya lol
take care

comment added :: 5th October 2004, 03:37 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
tsk, terrorism.

comment added :: 5th October 2004, 18:17 GMT+08

Shawty made this comment,
ughh i downloaded it.. nyahh ive seen worst shit than that hahaha.. it was kinda funny..
habol ilang kutsilyo hahaha

comment added :: 6th October 2004, 13:53 GMT+08

A visitor made this comment,
it’s so disgusting gory!


comment added :: 7th October 2004, 02:28 GMT+08

CNBGirl made this comment,
saw this one. a few highlander and kill bill flicks will make this video seem *ordinary*.

comment added :: 8th October 2004, 16:49 GMT+08

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