Olympus It Is.

After finding out that my friend's credit was already added to her other card and she gave me the go signal, off we went to SM to buy the camera I was eyeing for.

So I heeded everyone's comments and gave way, not that I'm regretting any decision though. I'm about the only one who was considering the Pentax in the first place. hehe. Nevertheless, I got the Olympus, the black one at the Colours Photoshop in SM since it was still the same price the last time I've checked.

Before we bought, *ehem* I mean, before my friend swiped her card for it, we were told that there was a price change from about 20K to 22K. *&!%#&^(@# They just received a memo and that they were not able to change the price on the display because of the fact (fact? yeah right) that the one in-charge was on break. *&!%#&^(@#. The former cost was only good if we paid in cash. We definitely didn't accept that explanation.

The tag was clearly indicated on the display and we specifically went to that store cause we wanted a good deal. We complained about it, of course. The staff called a superior and we got what was bargained for initially.

Good thing I have very good consumers who tagged along cause if it were only me, I'd be having a bit of a time, more so that something literally caught my eye and I could only see on my right. I'm still practicing my stance in getting demanding proper service and knowing my rights as a consumer; though I was already able to try some in Harbour Dimsum when we ate there in another time. haha.

So after all the fuss, we got the camera and I was grinning proud.


9 months is 9 months. Like a baby, huh?

To the kind and generous soul (I'm not mentioning the name for security, haha), I promise I won't run away from you, I'll crawl. hehehe. Joke! 

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