Tips and Things to Know about Anawangin, Nagsasa and Capones in Zambales

At the end of every travel series, I usually write an article about tips and things to know about that particular destination. The same goes true for my trip in Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove and Capones Island in Zambales.

It’s been two years since I waited for this trip to happen. One feature that enticed me to check this place out were the pine trees on a sandy beach which is truly a unique setting in the Philippine landscape.

pine trees anawangin

We visited these three places and in summary:

  1. Anawangin Cove had a good angle of the beach, the sand, the mountain range, the lake and the pine trees.
  2. Nagsasa Cove is a bigger and more secluded version of Anawangin with much lesser people.
  3. Capones Island was unassuming and actually became the highlight of the trip with its golden cogon grass and the lighthouse.

There are a lot more beautiful places to visit in this part of Zambales but we didn’t have enough time to explore everything. We were four in all and we met up in Olongapo. Please note that these are based on my personal experience and hopefully this will just serve as a guide to help you in planning your own itinerary to these wonderful places cove anawanginin Central Luzon.


Day 1:

  • Arrive in Clark around 7pm
  • Travel to Olongapo & Find a place to sleep

Day 2:

  • Travel to San Antonio & Buy food
  • Anawangin Cove – arrive lunch time or earlier, depart around 3pm
  • Nagsasa Cove – don’t miss the sunset here! and overnight

Day 3:

  • Capones Island – trek to the lighthouse and beach bumming
  • Head home

Transportation Route

Cebu to Clark – plane
Clark to Dau Terminal – airport jeep sunshine lodge bed
Dau Terminal to Olongapo Bus Terminal – van
Olongapo to San Antonio, Zambales Wet Market – bus
San Antonio,  Zambales Wet Market to Pundaquit Bay – tricycle
Pundaquit Bay to Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa Cove and Capones Islands – boat

*Just retrace the steps backwards so you can reach your starting point. We came all the way from Cebu to Clark so this was extra effort on our end.

Sunshine Lodge in Olongapo

Because we were on a tight budget, we decided to rent a room for 12 hours in Sunshine Lodge. This was a building beside the bus terminal so it was great that we didn’t have to commute in the morning as the terminal to San Antonio was a few stairs down.

Note: There are other lodges available albeit more expensive. We just needed a place to spend for the night that we could sleep on as staying for 7 hours in the bus terminal in Olongapo wasn’t as comfy as we hoped.


This is one of the things that can truly mess up a trip so make sure that the weather is good. Even so, we had a little difficulty with the waves and our small outrigger boat.

 pundaquit boat
our small boat good for 4 people (5 including the boatman)

During our travel to Anawangin cove, we advised our boatman to slow the boat down because the waves suddenly became huge at some points. The weather was sunny but one shouldn’t be too complacent.

No Electricity & Cellphone Signal

There’s no electricity in the coves so bring a flashlight or a lamp for your source of light. There’s also no cellphone signal so better be ready to inform your loved ones where you’ll be at a particular time and place to let them know ahead of time.

Cook and Camp Early!

Food – we bought our food when we got off the bus in San Antonio. You can just walk to the nearby supermarket to purchase items for your overnight stay.

camp nagsasa
cook meals ahead of time!

Since there’s no electricity in the coves, you have to set up a campfire to cook your meals. It sounds cool at first when you feel like such a boy scout and all but when hunger pangs strike and you’re the only group in the cove who hasn’t eaten dinner, you tend to become desperate. Hence, do set up camp and cook your food ahead of time.

Fresh water is available for you to freshen up, toilets are available too if you need to do the deed. 😀

Guide Contact Information

0920 222 4687 – look for Mang Johnny
Mang Johnny is now the one who manages a team of boatmen who caters to different clients wanting to explore this side of Zambales.

guide nagsasa
Mang Johnny (middle)

We freshened up after our trip in their house and he showed me his calendar with a number of prebooked tour dates from different clients which made me conclude that business has been good for him. I bet he can even run a car rental business if he wants to bring people in easily.

Things to Docapones lighthouse

Things to Bring

  • sunblock – I’d post a photo of myself looking like a squid with all the redness but I prefer not grossing you out.
  • match and coal for cooking – unless you want to use bonfire wood (a bundle costs 100Php)
  • tripod for panoramic shots
  • waterproof bag for your gadgets to avoid the risk
  • tent (or you can rent one)
  • camera
  • food for lunch – you can buy some at the supermarket so you won’t have to cook in the middle of the day
  • kitchen utensils – we were already provided with these items by our guide. 🙂

Entrance Fees & Expenses

50 Php – for a day tour in Anawangin Cove
100 Php – for an overnight stay in Nagsasa Cove
2000 Php – boat good for 4 people for the 3 destinations. The boatman will stay with you overnight so don’t forget to feed him!

For a detailed expense guide, check this article here: Total Budget Expense

headstand nagsasa
in Nagsasa Cove

Not sure if this is already everything but these are what I can think of at the back of my head. I know it took me a long time to finally finish these articles (6 months!), but I’m glad I finally did. Now I have to think about other backlogs waiting to be written.

I’d like to thank my companions: Anton, Teresa  & Doi for this trip!

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15 thoughts on “Tips and Things to Know about Anawangin, Nagsasa and Capones in Zambales”

  1. thanks for the info. i'm looking forward to experience this adventure. i hope i can find some buddies who are interested, too.
    is that photo your version of "the ring"? hahaha it made me laugh! 😀

  2. @josh: glad that this photo helped. yeah, wala akong ibang naisip when i saw the well 😀

    @mervz: all the more reason to go back is yung falls ng Nagsasa! thanks again for the tips you shared mervz! 😀

  3. hi Ed:)
    Is one day enough for island hopping to Anawangin, Camara & Capones island. We wil be in subic  this Dec. 5days/4 nights. we plan to set aside a day for Anawangin.  Pwede ba ang balikan lang? 
    And if we contact Mang Johnny, will he be the one to make our itinerary na?  And sabihin namin sa kanya pakilala sya ni Ed Suyo?

  4. @jefannkids: hi, no problem! I'm not sure if Mang Johhny knows us pero you can try. Sabihin mo lang na galing kaming Cebu. I believe ok na ang one day for the 3 places. just make sure na maaga kayo aalis! 😀 the time will depend kasi sa pagstay nyo sa lugar. 😀 yeah, Mang johnny should be able to help you out.

  5. Hi Ed,
    thanks for replying so soon:) there are 5 of us going to zambales, Subic in particular. i read sa reviews that the starting point to these islands is Pundaquit, and Nagsasa cove is another 1& 1/2 hrs from here so medyo malalayo na:( pag travel agency kc, its only Anawangin,Camara & Capones.
    I asked for a quotation from a travel agency I came upon while surfing about Subic, & this is what they gave me…
    DAY TOUR: Anawangin, Camara Capones

    RATE: Php2,700/pax (minimum of 4 person)
    Php2,400/pax (minimum of 5 person)
    Php2,000/pax (minimum of 6 person)

    .Packed lunch

    .Tour Guide
    06:00 AM Hotel pick up 07:30 AM Arrival at Punta de Uian
    07:50 AM Boat ride going to Capones,visiting Capones Light House and small capones (stay for 45 minutes or 1 hour)
    from punta de uian, it takes 30 minutes boat ride to Capones
    10:00 AM Camara Island for 15 minutes
    10:30 AM Way to Anawangin Cove
    1:30-2:00 PM Back to Punta de Uian
    4:00 PM – Back to Subic Bay

    Being a frequent traveler who is always “on the go”, what can you say about this deal? I welcome your suggestions:)
    We are 5, so 2400/pax kami. Feeling ko ang mahal noh? Will my kids aged 11 & 14 enjoy these islands?
    Is it cheaper & more exciting to do it DIY? Pero we don’t have any experience in island hopping kasi. Will Mang Johnny’s “boatman” suggest how long we stay in 1 island para kasya ang time & will he acompany us for the entire duration of our tour? Parang tour guide na rin ba ang boatman?
    TIA & hope to hear frrom you soon! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND:)

  6. ayus to sir! helpful sobra.
    my frends and i are planning to go there dis april 2012 for a new experience.
    d nga lang gumagana number ni mang johnny.. baka bago na number nya.. heeh
    thanks and more trips to come! 😀

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