well, we’ve been delivering the orders of some schools for theirchristmas parties… together with a jollibee mascot… nakita ko kungpa’no niya sinuot… at ang init pala masyado!!! ang sikip! that’s whypala rate nila eh 190 pesos per 30 minutes appearance with freefood… sa’min ngang mga service crew eh 25 pesos per hour lang…ngek! ang layo!! … Read more


schools i’ve been in: PRIMARY… Nursery to Grade 5 (3rd Grading) – Stella maris Academy of Davao (SMAD) Grade 5 (4th Grading) – Pleasant Mount School – Manila (PMS) Grade 6 – back to SMAD SECONDARY… 1st Year (1st semester) – Colegio de San Agustin – Bacolod (CSA-B) 1st Year (2nd semester) – Saint Paul … Read more

the little prince

just read (in one standing!) THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry… it’s a nice story… sort of a fairytale that ended a bit sadly but put a smile on my face after reading the whole 90 pages of it… it’s got a lot of sense… nice book! “What is essential is invisible to the … Read more

grades ko ‘to

here’s the list of my grades the previous sem: FILIPINO – 1.5 ENGLISH – 1.3 CHEMISTRY LECTURE – 1.8 CHEMISTRY LAB – 1.5 COLLEGE ALGEBRA – 1.0 PLANE TRIGONOMETRY – 1.0 DRAWING – 1.6 PE – 1.3 NSTP – 1.4 SOCIAL ORIENTATION – 5.0 wait a minute? ba’t may 5.0 dyan? ba’t nabagsak ako sa … Read more

wala lang

hello… somehow… though malapit na dec. 25, the surroundings… somehow, idon’t feel the christmas season yet… i’m not a materialistic person,or maybe i am… and i’m looking at the shallow things in life…dunno really. at least i’m still alive… but i really can’t feel thatit’s going to be christmas again… christmas isn’t like thisbefore… it … Read more


tell me, nakakahiya bang mag-withdraw ng 50 pesos over the counter sabanko? my co-worker asked me if i wasn’t embarassed about it because iactually withdrew 50 pesos (because that’s what’s left in my atmcard)… i also noticed a little change in the clerk and was a littlebit disturbed by the amount i presented in the … Read more


moneyby richard armour Workers earn it,Spendthrifts burn it,Bankers lend it,Women spend it,Forgers fake it,Taxes take it,Dying leave it,Heirs receive it,Thrifty save it,Misers crave it,Robbers seize it,Rich increase it,Gamblers lose it,I could use it. _______________________________________ and i need it, desperately! posted Tuesday, 2 December 2003 A visitor made this comment,everyone needs it! 😉cnbgirl comment added :: … Read more


“don’t dig up too much of reality, you’ll end up nothing. no one can find the meaning of life. they die trying.” ____________________________________________ from my father’s wacky but awesome mind… posted Friday, 28 November 2003

job hunting part 7: a summary

phew!!!! ang tagal ko nang di nakapag-blog ah!!! maybe because kontelang ang oras ko… and wala akong pera… hehe… di na kasi akonakakapag-free internet sa skul eh… kasi hindi pa akonakakapag-aral… mag-thi-third week na sa klase at eto ako ngayon… by the way, regular na pala ako!!! after submitting all myrequirements, the manager gave me … Read more

job hunting part 6: pissed!

NOTE: this happened on last friday… i’m so pissed! i was trying to open an atm account sa RCBC…. itokasi yung bangkong intended for this jollibee franchise… i was alsowondering where it was located too… since i don’t know the placehere… when i got there though, i was closed down…. banking hourswas from 9am-3pm… monday … Read more


i was on the passenger’s seat in a jeepney, waiting for it to fill upof other passengers… i wanted to go home na kasi… anyway, whilesitting and doing nothing… i chanced upon two other jeepneys,colliding… pero maliit lang yung pagkakabangga ha! well, akala komag-aaway yung dalawa… kasi mukhang galit na galit yun nabanggaaneh… it turned … Read more

red tag

read this from the inquirer… and of all the stories… this one gaveme the chills… hope it does the same to you too!!! hehehe… Red tag Horror tales from the campusesBy Christian B. BautistaInquirer News Service At the University of Santo Tomas Clinical Division, there is thisstory about an intern who was going home … Read more


i just realized when my father told me to text someone that “re:”pala, stands for REGARDING… uh! how ignorant can i get? akala konoon… it stood for reply! bobo ka talaga! buti na lang, it’s not toolate to learn something new! ( galing kong humanap ng excuse noh!)hehe…posted Monday, 3 November 2003 A visitor made … Read more

free internet

first time kong mag-blog na bumabayad!!! hehehe… totoo talaga angsinasabi ko… since holiday raw ngayon. .. (ewan ko kung ‘nong klase)so walang tao sa school… all the entries i made are all free ofcharge… except for this one… while i’m on this topic, i want totell you why… well, our sked here in school is … Read more