what’s your new name?

copied it from a friend at friendster (aba nagpe-prenster na pala ‘kongayon!)…. and my new name’s buttercup chickenhiney… i don’t getit? what’s yours??? try it!!! This only takes a minute and it’s fun. Please> don’t be> a bore and ruin it.> Send it to everyone you know including the> person that> sent it to you.>> … Read more

job hunting part 5: pre-screening exam

DAY 1: first time kong gumising ng napaka-aga!!! well, maybe not myfirst time… sa cebu siguro oo… it was my first time since wemoved here… i woke up 4:30 in the morning…. usually i do mymorning wake mga 7:30 na… pero ngayon, kailangan ko na ng disiplinasa sarili… i have to report at 6:00 am… … Read more

Candy As Change

—– read this when i had my hair cut and just wanted to share thiswith you —– CONSUMER TIPS Sun*Star Cebu, October 25, 2003-Saturday, p.30 Candy As Change QUESTION: An engineer conveyed his frustration to the Department ofTrade and Industry-Cebu Office, saying: “I bought three Chamyto HealthDrinks from a pharmacy at Mandaue Centro Market. They … Read more

job hunting part 4: instructions

i had to cut hair pala since i have to be clean-looking… ang sayangnaman!!! i haven’t cut it since our graduation last march! and now ihave to trim it all because of this working….. well, no regrets…—sigh— at least, no one’s gonna call me a walking hua ze leianymore… (is the spelling right?)… i went … Read more

job hunting part 3: requirements

hay naku! ang mga requirements sa pagtatarabaho! at ang nakalala panito ay wala tayong pera!!! i couldn’t sleep well, partly because i was excited and nervous forthe final interview… when i got there, 15 minutes before thescheduled time… i saw my new-found friend, miriam… since she alsoapplied too… and soon, katrina joined us! the other … Read more


Change is inevitable. Life must go on. There’s no turning back. Gotta face what’s in store for me. Though my heart is aching from leaving. I have to move on. Goodbye… posted Monday, 20 October 2003A visitor made this comment,talaga marisian karin cooooollll!!!! hmm x na ako eh.. i was in stellatill 2nd year unfortunately … Read more

job hunting part 2: initial interview

so there i was… at jollibee… i arrived 15 minutes earlier than thescheduled time… i asked the guard about the interview and he let mesit down… i met a few peeps… names were katrina and miriam…. wewere only four in all.. i never got to know the other one… anyway,we were called individually… it took … Read more


PHEW!!! tapos na ang finals!! and the problem is we still don’t haveour admission slip! (we, because we are 3 in all studying in collegein the same, not including two other yougner brothers)… you knowwhat’s the problem? M-O-N-E-Y… hindi pa nga kami nakakabayad kahitsa prelim at sa midterm eh… anyway, at least when we inquired … Read more

job hunting

yesterday, i went to a jollibee branch here in cebu… there, i waitedfor someone to ask about jobs for working students… anyway, when iinquired about it (from a cashier).. she told me to just give mybio-data to the guard… i said that i wanted to speak to the personin charge of handling the application forms. … Read more

to tell or not to tell???

do i have to tell my friends that i have this blog??? i mean, ofcourse, eventually, they’ll find out… but this is sort of like myjournal… and i know i haven’t poured everything in it yet… but ithink if i do, i’ll be restricted to put my thoughts when people iknow will actually read my … Read more

no such thing

i know that it’s a bit too late to share my opinion about this song…it’s just that i want to share what i think about it. NO SUCH THING “Welcome to the real world”, she said to meCondescendinglyTake a seatTake your lifePlot it out in black and whiteWell I never lived the dreams of the … Read more

working student

i want to try being a working student… the problem is i don’t knowwhere to start! i want to work for a fast food joint… i want to expeience working while studying… although i’m sure ican’t do good in both (meaning i can’t serve two masters at the sametime and excel in both because of … Read more

just got lucky

i’m supposed to be mad while typing this entry… yesterday, my motherlost her wallet that contained 800 bucks after attending a fellowshipworship… well, maybe it’s no big deal to anyone… or maybe it’s abig deal for them… it’s good enough to buy clothes, load for theircell phones or any other material thing for that matter… … Read more


i want to talk about news for a change… last sunday i saw ourPresident GMA on the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer… onthe headlines were the words “i’m running”. that simple… i’m noactive member of the society or in our school but it just goes to showthat she’s a liar… it just proves … Read more