me is a person. me has a life. me has dreams and ambitions. me hasmany aspirations waiting to be fulfilled. me wants to live a simplelife. me is an intelligent person. me is not stupid. me knows what me thinksand does what me wants. me has his own principles to live by but alsolistens to … Read more


I hate you Mr. Homoerectus! I really do. From the moment you stepped into my academic life was the time when I fully understood what “favoritism” really meant. If only you could read this and realize all the hatred that I’ve conjured up just to write this. You are my inspiration. You’re the reason of … Read more


People change. I am in our room, thinking. Wonderingdifferent things and reminiscing the past. My 4th year term has ended.Or in act, High School life is over. Finish. Done. Certain “what-ifs”enter into my crazy mind. Like “what if I didn’t do this on aparticular situation” or “what if I did that on another”. But then, … Read more


In our journey through life, opportunities come and go easily; and Ihave been tested by it twice (well, at least during 4th year). Thefirst was the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT). It was posted on the blackboard in our classroom. Afterreading the whole thing, I just stood there and didn’t care. I … Read more

you’ve got mail

isn’t it nice receiving a message from someone you’ve been dying tohear from since your last meeting (which was graduation day)?! it justhappened to me… today, i read a message from a special friend whichreally completed my day!!! i read and read it countless times. all 2kilobytes of it. you see, i’ve been longing of … Read more

kris-joey, smoking and dogs

hey what’s up with this kris-joey controversy? hello? of course i knowwhat’s up. they’re fighting… but i mean. there are more importantmatters that our country needs to discuss than the relationshipbetween to showbiz-but-politics-related persons. (and i’m so patrioticfor saying that!) this is the arguement between two couples and so ithink we should just let them … Read more

daniel my brother…

i’m trying to type this entry as fast as i can for i’m in the middleof our drawing class (uh, i hate drawing!)… and since our instuctorisn’t so strict, my brother and i tried to sneak in here. and that’swhat i like about college. basically, i can attend classes whenever iwant to… forgive me for … Read more

my course…

hello again! here I am now… still typing something while in ourlaboratory. this afternoon i fell asleep while reading a computerbook (i forgot the title), and upon waking up, got mosquito bites onmy neck. i’m trying to learn HTML so i can design my own web page.but i’m no guru or anything. i still don’t … Read more

me foist entry

sometimes life sucks… this is the my first entry to connect with thereal world… now what do i have to say??? nothing!!! oh well… maybejust for the moment… oh yeah! i just turned 17!!! last sept.9 horrayfor mwah!!! crap! i’m in deep shit!!! and i mean matters regardingfinances.. i’m not just one of those rich … Read more