Part of the Top 20 Best Cebu Blogs for 2009

I’m glad to be part of the Top 20 Best Cebu Blogs for 2009!

Some time last week, Mark of sent me a message to nominate myself for their search for the Best Cebu Bloggers that featured the city in its best form. I gladly submitted my details and from about 70 of those chosen, I’m listed as part of the Top 20!

It’s nice to get recognized as this shows that there are people who value the posts that I make and although I’m not that perfect when it comes to writing really good and controversial topics, I’m happy that people see the value of good readership. This blog tries to be as light as possible and it helps a lot when people see the efforts put into the blog post.

I’m also glad  that this blog turned out to be a travel site where people can see the places I’ve been to and get a glimpse of the life of this problogger wannabe. I never thought I could go to different places this year but I did and I feel like I have a task to show people the world in my eyes.

This site doesn’t only showcase Cebu but other places as well. As you might find in my sidebar, I’ve been to a number of different locations. Hopefully next year, I can add more in that list.

soloflighted travels

Definitely more places!

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