Signed up for Smartbro’s Unlimited Plug-It 999 Plan

Last Saturday, I was set on buying an Unlimited Plug-it plan from Smartbro.

Currently, I had a 999 Antenna Plan which was good since I didn’t have to pay as much for internet connection and it wasn’t much of a hassle when it came to processing the application form. Anyway, I’ve been using the previous plan for more than a year and I’ve been satisfied with the service.

However, during my last trip to Malapascua (somewhere North of Cebu), I wasn’t able to get some free wifi connection as the restaurants and hotels that offered wifi charges about 150 pesos for an hour’s worth. I didn’t want to pay for that amount even if I needed to surf to get some tasks done for my other job. I just resorted to getting some offline work done by writing articles.

The week after that Malapascua trip, I dropped by SM City Cebu as I was bent on getting the Plug-it Unlimited Plan for up to 2mbps. Even if it would cost me 600 bucks more (original plan was P1500 per month), I wanted to get one which would be perfect for my traveling needs.

As you can see here in my blog, I’ve been traveling a lot the past year due to business trips and some personal ones. Next year I’ll be even busier knowing that I’ll own my time as well as I can be anywhere I want. Sometimes, I’d have to purchase something from a coffee shop here in Cebu in order to get some wifi. But even so, I’d have to contend with other customers in sharing the same connection.

This time though, when I dropped by a Smart center in SM, I waited for my turn on queue. I chanced upon their flier saying that their Plan 1500 before went down to 999! I was skeptical at first that I had to ask an attendant who was entertaining another customer if this were true. Indeed the rep told me that it’s the new price for the Smartbro Unlimited Plug-it plan that they just rolled out.

Imagine I could be anywhere in the country, so long as there’s a Smart signal, I could surf and surf! haha. They’re using 3G and HSPA technologies to connect (and I don’t know what that means but I just wanted to sound technical, hehe).

How lucky could I get? I only had to present an identification card since they already have a record of my file so the other requirements (BIR Tax Form 2316 and proof of billing) were no longer needed. I paid the deposit and after an hour or so, got Smart Bro Broadband Kit!

smartbro plugit unlimited

I got home and when I tested the connection, it was better than the antenna plan that I had. I’m glad that I upgraded my plan but still kept the same amount that I normally pay every month.

BTW, Smart didn’t pay me for this story. I just wanted to express how excited I am to stay anywhere and still bring my work with me. šŸ™‚

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