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Just posting some random stuff.


I would want to go back to Dumaguete just to avoid the traffic here in Cebu. I never really thought that ‘easy access’ can be so tempting. I can just drive a motor bike without a helmet in Dumaguete and you won’t get reprimanded. Still, I need to get my license first before I can do so. I’m already 23 and I still don’t have a driver’s id. Sheesh. I already have other government cards (SSS, BIR, Passport) and all I lack is this.


I want to get my own dog, but knowing the consequences of caring for a pet, I guess I should think otherwise. It’s difficult especially if you’re not available all the time. Maybe I’ll just get a black labrador. Haha. As if I can handle the responsibility; I can’t even feed myself on time!


Speaking of feeding, I need to work on my breakfast more. I haven’t been eating healthily the past few days. I already am at the weight that I want and I just have to build some mass in order to be lean but firm. Eating breakfast and drinking my calcium should be one of the things I need to really focus on achieving.


I guess it’s the convenience of fast food that I tend to neglect eating healthy. Especially when your just near the pantry and you can buy all the junk that you can. Though I stay away from chips and junk, I know I should still go organic.


But one thing I seem to be fond of doing would be to hang out with colleagues for Friday night fly day sessions. There’s just something so sad about going home after work in order to work again. Though blogging is something I’m fond of doing. I still need to accomplish some ‘social obligations’ (as Nuke has nicely described) in order to have some balance in life. All this time alone can really depress someone.


I recently discovered that Tanduay Ice tastes like a drink that a few classmates and I created because of boredom. This was way back in Senior high so you can imagine how crazy people can be when there’s not much to do but stare at each other despite having what we call ‘deep’ conversations of gossip. Try mixing bubble gum-flavored Lambanog with some Pomelo powder; it’s Tanduay ICE! Stolen ideas are just priceless.

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