random things

To veer from the usual entries about my travel adventures in Cebu and out, I’m presenting some random things since I also need to fill this blog up with something to keep it updated.

My colleague is about to burst anytime soon, I’m guessing some time this week. To think that she’s still working at the office. She has a slim frame so it was a bit awkward to look at her with something in her tummy; I even joked that she looks like she just put something inside her dress to make her look pregnant. It was strange seeing her frame and stature but it’s nice cause she seems happy.

Gym. Been trying to work out for a week already and I still have 3 to use up. I’m a bit more serious now of the goals that I want to accomplish rather than just losing weight. Upper chest workouts are what I’m doing more, no cardio yet. Maybe I’ll talk to one of the personal trainers to give me a program of some sort.

Shoes. Got so upset for some time that I went straight to SM City Cebu and bought the running shoes I’ve been eyeing on for over a couple of months already. I didn’t want to buy it since it was too expensive and this time they had a sale when I last visited. But even so, I would’ve purchased the footwear because of the desire to use my earnings for myself. I know I’ll be

Siomai sa Tisa. Somehow, in line with my current “health” craze, I’ve been leaning on eating siomai whenever I get home from work. I don’t really know the nutritional value but I’ve been craving for this famous Cebu staple for quite some time; especially during those cold nights when you want to put something hot in your stomach. It’s cheap and I get full easily.

Finally cleaned my room yes, that’s clean for you. Wax in, wax out; after eons of just letting loose. Now I have to figure out what I would have to do with other unnecessary items as it’s getting a little crowded.

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