random things

To veer from the usual entries about my travel adventures in Cebu and out, I’m presenting some random things since I also need to fill this blog up with something to keep it updated. ——– My colleague is about to burst anytime soon, I’m guessing some time this week. To think that she’s still working … Read more

Surfing Online in Cebu

7 days off, one day of work and another 4 days off – this was my schedule last week and this week. Surprisingly, I didn’t go out of town. I was falling over my budget and I’ve been meaning to save for the second half of the year where I’ll be flying which is why … Read more

no update, been busy

Been terribly busy the past few weeks. I'm working on a lot of things that I can only wish I can get some time off. I haven't been a good blogger since I haven't been able to update my sites as much as I can. But I do have valid reasons which really don't need … Read more

baptismal blues

Wasn’t able to upload the Bench Live Your Dreams pictures today because of being busy attending a Baptism of my next-door housemate’s child. Baby Luke Dominic was christened today at the St. Therese’s church in Lahug and I’ve been appointed as one of the godparents. This is my second time to be one but had … Read more

a bad dream

Had a bad dream. I don’t believe in superstitions but if it’s something negative, I tend to lean more to the safe side. Now where do I get some hard wood to bite? The broomstick? Yak. Hey Ed, you said it’s better to be safe.

updating at SM with their free wifi

I’m  here at SM City Cebu . Just got off early from a class and I brought my hp notebook so I took the chance to test the free wifi connection again. I like it here as it’s faster. Though I have to make do with a bench and just use my lap as my desk (which … Read more

yoga at the office

One fine afternoon, one of my colleagues brought out a mat for her to practice some yoga. It was supposed to be a one-on-one session but we decided to join in. hehe. I’ve never really done yoga before and it’s a good thing that we have an instructor as part of our team so we … Read more

weekend at jens and bambi’s place

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of hanging out at a former colleagues pad with her fiance for a good night with movies and food. It's just a small get-together while watching movies and hanging out and catching on things. I was amazed at the home entertainment system that they had which made me want … Read more

on productivity at work

Been going to work a little early than usual but I don’t know how long I can keep this up. It’s nice cause more than the usual, I get to go home early too. Maybe it’s with pressure and commitments that I get to do things in order. If there are no deadlines, I usually … Read more

on Smartbro’s slow internet and the web

Been really restless lately. Smartbro had some internet connection problems the past few days and I thought it was only me. Right now the connection’s back up but before, every 5 minutes I could connect and then it couldn’t. Sigh. I just realized that I hate intermittent connectivity. I read an article in Reader’s Digest … Read more

blogging event at Waterfront

Cebu DigitalFilipino Club & Bloggers Networking Event 2009 T’was held last July 11, 2009. It was cool to see a number of people behind the blogs that they own during the introduction. I also saw some familiar faces but I never got to mingle as much probably because I was too tired since I came … Read more


Have a little headache going on right now. I haven’t been able to sleep straight in 3 days, it gets hot at the room that I wish I could buy an air conditioning unit to beat the heat. Funny how the weather is really just the weather, unpredictable. It’s better that it hasn’t been raining … Read more

the making of gummy together

Just a little something I made out of boredom since I was downloading a few fonts. I guess this is one of my frustration. I’ve always wanted to be part of Media and the like. Maybe that’s why I like to create websites, I want to take pictures.There’s something about capturing a moment, enhancing it … Read more