Of Travel Talks, Travel Interviews, and Travel Bloggers

I booked a ticket for Manila out of the blue. I didn’t have any trips as I’ve been saving for a travel fund I’m preparing for next year. But then this unexpected opportunity came up and I didn’t want to miss out on it. Or probably I was just looking for an excuse to go out and travel. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I pushed through with it.

In the middle of September, I spent my days attending travel talks, conducting podcast interviews and meeting travel bloggers.

Travel Talks by WeAreSoleSisters.com

I attended two travel talk events by the Sole Sisters. The first time I was a spectator and the second time I got to participate by sharing my ‘crazy travel story’ which was my bungy jumping experience at the Macau Tower.

photo by Lauren

It’s been a long while since I talked in front of a crowd so my nerves really got me. I think I did okay in relaying my adventure to the audience (I hope).

I was also surprised that a few people had introduced themselves saying that they read my blog. I’m honored and humbled by these readers who said that they found my blog useful – made me feel good that somehow, it has found its worth.

Thanks for saying “Hi” guys!

Congrats Chichi & Lois on your travel talks! More events for you guys and thanks for setting up an event to unite the travel community!

Podcast Interviews for SoloFlightEd Sessions

I am known to maximize time especially when I think the cost doesn’t equate the reason. Given that I booked tickets that weren’t really purchased with normal discounts, I decided to find other means to make the most out of my stay. Hence, I interviewed travel bloggers. Meet-ups here and there, I appreciated the fact that these people were game enough to lend their voices and stories for my project.

soloflighted sessions
some photos grabbed from Ron & Lauren

I now have enough material for the next 4 to 5 months. Still, I’ll continue interviewing people when I have the chance. See my Podcast page for more information. Thanks again guys, hope to interview more bloggers soon!

Travel Blogger Meet-ups

I got to meet so many people within those 4 days. Some I’ve already met before, but more that I’ve been introduced for the first time. Josiah, Jerome, Tina, Karen, Gael, Darwin, Chichi & Lois, Ron & Monette, Ferdz, Dong Ho, Lauren, Eileen, Brenna, Mica, Catherine, Robbie, Joel, Drew, Estan, Lloyd, James, Nina, Chyng, Upper, Anton, and Izah. So many people in such a short span of time!

pinoy travel bloggers
Pinoy Travel Bloggers!

Surrounding yourself with them was really overwhelming as it reinforces your desire for adventures. This is what I needed especially when I don’t get to travel as much when I’m back at home.

IMPRINTS Art Installation Exhibit

By the way, one event I wasn’t able to join due to time constraint was the IMPRINTS exhibit by Dispatch Magazine. An art installation exhibit was set up with travel shoe gears of different travel personalities. Footwear from Rome Garduce, Robert Alejandro and your favorite travel bloggers are present up to now and is still going on at the R.O.X. Store at the Bonifacio High Street.

Ron in the flesh

So you can say that despite being on vacation, I spent my Manila trip busy with different commitments. It would’ve been nice to go to a country like Turkey and spend the turkey holidays getting all the rest and relaxation needed. But I guess that will take place in another time.

It went pretty hectic but I’m not complaining. I’m happy enough to finally meet the people behind the blogs that I read. These bloggers inspire me to continue doing what I’m doing now and I’m looking forward to meet more soon.

wearesolesisters and soloflighted
with Chichi & Lois

PS: Almost missed my flight on a Monday morning. I checked in early at the airport and was at the preboarding area being so tired from an all-nighter. I dozed off sitting on a bench with my notebook on my lap. The next thing I knew, people were lining up so I hurriedly rolled the cable wires around my laptop and inserted my way on the line.

I was still half-awake when I located my plane seat. All I could remember was that I was on a flight to Davao which after some time, made me wonder why I even got in. I was too exhausted to even care if I ended up somewhere else. Luckily, I was wrong and it was bound for Cebu (the correct destination) after all.

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32 thoughts on “Of Travel Talks, Travel Interviews, and Travel Bloggers”

  1. Heya Ed 🙂 Thanks for the link 🙂 Favor please. I kinda abandoned pandelicious already so i'd appreciate it if u could use this epicpotato.com (no, not a food blog-again) instead 😀 thanks 

  2. Wow. Cool. Meeting up with fellow bloggers is one of the things I'm really looking forward to in the future. Hope to meet you in flesh in the future – together with Ate Chyng, Kuya Robbie, Kuya Anton and a lot more. My idols. 🙂

  3. Hindi sino! What I meant is iba ang feeling nung nakasama ko na yung mga travel bloggers. Very warm and friendly. Kasi I'm usually afraid of meeting new people na nakilala ko through the internet, pero di ko na feel yun during the event. =)

  4. I regret not making the third part of the Sole Sisters talk, would love to have an autographed shirt with the words "Headstand Man" written on it. Balik ka for X-mas Party, I heard sagot na ni Robx ticket mo hehe

  5. sipag mo talaga Ed lagi ko tong sinasabi. halos di ako makapinawala na yun talaga pinuntahan mo sa manila. kala ko side trip mo lang makita ang mga bloggers.

    congratulations sa talk. di nga lang ako nakapunta.

  6. @josiah: thanks josiah, glad to have finally met Mr. Lakas! hehe

    @hoobert: ey hoobert, same here! thanks for always dropping by my site 😀

    @robbie: alam ko, hehe. I think what chin chan meant is sino yung "nagbigay ng kakaibang ng feeling?" hehe. anyway, yeah saya nga di ba? hehe.

    @darwin: el Presidente! thanks din for the meetup! si gel na lang kulang pero alam kong medyo busy yon. hehe. woi. hahaha. teka? i think kahit di ako nakainom, makulit pa rin naman. haha

    @RON: lol, I forgot to have my shirt signed by "THE" Ron Cruz!

    @chyng: haha. onga noh? lol

    @marky: was wondering why you weren't there. Until I realized that you were busy with the carnival topic! haha. headstand man talaga, Marky. Lol. Kung sagot ni Rob, why not? hehe. Sige lang Marky, matutuloy talaga dapat ang interview natin. I need  to get you talking! hehe

    @RON: haha, andyan ka kasi! was too polite to say "alis dyan!" hehe. peace.

    @dong ho: haha, nahiya nga akong sabihin na yun talaga yung pakay ko. pero ok na rin, the meetups were different highlights themselves. thanks dom! was supposed to go to the IMPRINTS but I was already awake for 24 hours at that time.

    @LZL: ey Lzl, you should check out the travel events in MLA. 😀

  7. Awww I missed all these events. And more importantly, I missed you. Ching! :p Seriously, as a fan, I would've wanted to meet the man behind the idol. I'd turn the tables and interview YOU! 🙂

  8. ikaw na ang tuma-talk at puma-podcast!!naman kasi, imba kana talaga. and you such a magnet. when you are around people gather around you–either intentionally of accidentally.gaya nung satin–sa gitna pa ng kalsada tayo nagmeet.hahaha —oi.kelan moko isasama dyan sa podcast mo?:D

  9. @Astrid: sure thing Astrid! hope to meet you one of these days! 😀

    @AJ: sayang nga AJ, it would've been a great opportunity to interview you too! 😀 ok lang. may araw ka rin sa akin, seriously! 😀

    @pusangkalye: haha, ako na ngayon ang madaldal. wow, magnet talaga ang term? di naman. 😀 pero that was really a chance meeting! saya nun! 😀 malapit na akong magresign. so malapit na rin. hehe. at least nasa skype ka parati. 😀

  10. @AJ: haha. di naman mga nosebleed mga tanong ko. baka nga yung mga sagot mo by that time, mahihirapan akong magcomment! baka ang sasabihin ko lang — "Alright" "Okay" "Next question" toinks. magiging 5 minutes lang ang interview pag ganun. hehe.

  11. sha sige na. ipinapaubaya ko na ang kuracha crown ko. hahah! What a blast! Sabi nga ng caretaker ni Garfield habang nagpapanggap siyang kinakain ang daga "See! you could do it if you put your mind to it." Kung ano ang kinalaman ng post na to kay Garfield e hindi ko rin alam. Basta ang lufeet. Uber maximize. Clap clap! Sayang hindi ako nakapag pa-autograph sayo.

  12. @kura: lol kuracha crown? hehe. natawa ako kay Garfield. hahaha. toinks, wala nang photograph, sayang at di ko nainterview si kura. feeling ko makakailang episodes yun. peace! 😀

  13. Scary! hahah! wala tayong matatapos nun at all. hahaha! ubos ang pasensiya mo kaka-take. sayang din yung sa imprint.  nakaka-starstruck sina gael at angel (yiiiheee!!) ayun.. wala man lang akong picture. asar. Magpapalaganap ako ng man hunt para sa kanila. hahah!

    looking forward sa next sessions mo ^_^

  14. @kura: scary ba? ako dapat yung masca-scared sayo! hahaha. mukhang mas malala ka pa kay chyng eh. peace! may pinagawa kasi si chyng sakin during the interview. oops, dapat di ako magbibigay ng idea sayo about the podcast. haha. pero yeah. saya nila gel and gael di ba? toinks, wala na naman picture? hehe.

  15. it's nice to see the travel bloggers have met altogether [the ones who inspire us to explore the world too]^_^
    too bad i wasnt able to come to the sept10 event…i hope there's one again soon =(


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