I went to work last night, thinking I’d be able to finish a lot of evaluations but I was wrong. In the middle of my shift, I frequently visited the restroom to be able to relieve myself. I don't know what I ate but went back and forth the bathroom 5 times. I tried to drink some gatorade to replace the electrolytes which I don't know their purpose but I just obeyed my colleagues' advice.

However, I also threw up because my stomach couldn't take the grape flavored gatorade. Anyway, I went to our clinic and the company nurse gave me some meds. I really wanted to sleep or just take a nap, but the mattress in the clinic was already occupied by another employee. I tried going to the lounge, still the bean bags were already taken. I wanted to go home already but I was torn between finishing my quota for the day and just taking a rest. My workmates told me that it's useless being physically present when I'm sick because I'd still be unproductive; which is true. I never got to work properly that I just gave up.

What I did is bring my pillow from my locker and slept on my desk. Besides, even if I wanted to go home, I was too weak to even stand up. I figured I'd rest for a few hours.

I've never been this sick. Serves me right for wishing before that I'd be sick so I could go to the hospital and be admitted without paying for the expenses as it's covered by my health insurance. Now I'm eating my words. I don't want to be sick. I feel so vulnerable when I do; helpless even.

I'm feeling better now, I just need to take my mind off work I guess. I believe I can do so anyway; I'll be on leave this Friday and Monday and I'm planning to visit Dumaguete. Which makes me realize that I have to do some evaluations in advance just to reach our quota. Shoot. I have to work double then as I'll be on leave. Sigh. Thinking about work makes me even sicker.

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